06 March 2015

This Week in Royal Jewels: February 27-March 5

February 27-March 5, 2015

So much glitter this week! Weigh in on your favorite jewels in this week's poll...

10. Nestled among the buttons on her dress, Queen Elizabeth II debuted the diamond horseshoe brooch given to her by the International Equestrian Foundation with their lifetime achievement award.

9. Queen Letizia donned her diamond Links of London earrings while recognizing Rare Diseases World Day at the Spanish Senate on Thursday.

8. Queen Mathilde of the Belgians selected unusually petite earrings for Tuesday's conference on relief for nations dealing with Ebola.

7. Queen Maxima of the Netherlands chose pearls for her visit to her namesake waterway, the Maxima Channel, on Thursday.


6. We didn't get a great look at the Duchess of Cornwall's glitter during the state banquet for the president of Mexico, but it was yet another outing for her favorite tiara: the Boucheron-made tiara from the Greville legacy, with its distinctive honeycomb design.

5. In Spain, Queen Letizia brought out a familiar but lovely sparkler for the Colombian state banquet: the diamond floral tiara, created in the late nineteenth century, that belongs to her mother-in-law, Queen Sofia.

4. For the Guildhall banquet during the Mexican state visit, the Duchess of Gloucester brought out the Teck turquoise parure, one of Queen Mary's legacy sets.

3. For one of two tiara events during the Swedish state visit to Finland, Queen Silvia brought out Queen Sofia's diamond tiara -- also known as the "Nine Prong" because of its unusual shape.

2. In Finland, Queen Silvia also wore one of my favorite sets of her jewelry: the amazing Leuchtenberg sapphire parure, which you can learn all about here!

1. For me, the winner this week among the incredible tiaras on show has to be Queen Alexandra's diamond kokoshnik, worn by Queen Elizabeth II at the Mexican state banquet. I mean, just look at how this thing glitters in motion. Just incredible!