28 October 2015

The Douglas Floral Tiara

Happy birthday to Hereditary Princess Sophie of Liechtenstein! In honor of her big day, let's have a look at her sparkling diamond wedding tiara.

Although Sophie was born a Bavarian duchess and married a prince from Liechtenstein, her wedding tiara actually has French and Swedish roots. According to our friends over at Luxarazzi (who also cover the princely family of Liechtenstein), the tiara is made of diamond daisies surrounded by additional diamond berries and leaves, was made by an unidentified French jeweler at some point in the nineteenth century.

The tiara was later gifted to Sophie's mother, who was born Countess Elisabeth Douglas. Although the title sounds Scottish (and indeed, the family has 17th-century Scottish roots), the family is actually Swedish nobility.

Elisabeth's floral tiara has become something of an official wedding tiara for her descendants. Four of her daughters -- Sophie, Marie-Caroline, Elisabeth, and Maria-Anna -- have borrowed the tiara from their mother and used it as a bridal diadem.