28 September 2019

Luxembourg's Sapphire Tiaras

Robin Utrecht - Pool/Getty Images

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg may be small, but the royals who reign there have an absolutely massive collection of gorgeous jewels. Today, we're looking at four (!) of the sapphire tiaras you'll find in the family's collection.

Albert Nieboer/Royal Press Europe/DPA/Alamy

The Grand Duchess Adelaide Tiara

One of the most important heirloom tiaras in the grand ducal collection, this diamond and sapphire sparkler features a single large sapphire flanked by diamond leaf designs. It's a favorite tiara of the women in the grand ducal family, and it's easy to see why -- its simple, classic kokoshnik-style shape makes it easy to wear with modern hairstyles. (Read more about it here!)

Official Portrait/Grand Ducal Court of Luxembourg

The Sapphire Art Deco Necklace Tiara

This striking jewel features a trio of geometric ornaments placed on a simple base, including a central ornament featuring an enormous cabochon sapphire. The ornaments can be worn in various configurations on both a necklace or a tiara frame, and they can be removed and worn separately. Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte wears it as a tiara in the official portrait above, but Grand Duchess Maria Teresa has so far only worn it as a necklace.

DPA Picture Alliance Archive/Alamy

The Sapphire Necklace Tiara

This simple diamond and sapphire tiara features pear-shaped diamonds interspersed with smaller sapphires. It's more often worn these days as a necklace by Grand Duchess Maria Teresa, but above, Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte wore it as a tiara during an official visit to Germany in March 1977.

Mark Renders/Getty Images

The Sapphire Bracelet Bandeau

This petite diamond and sapphire tiara, which was one of Grand Duchess Josephine-Charlotte's wedding presents, is perhaps more often seen in its bracelet form. (In fact, you'll see it worn that way by Josephine-Charlotte in the portrait above!) It was inherited by Princess Margaretha, Grand Duke Henri's sister, in 2005. In March 2007, she wore it during a state banquet at Laeken Castle in Belgium.