24 August 2017

On the Block: A Victorian Pearl and Diamond Tiara

A convertible Victorian tiara (Image: Bonham's)

If you're in the market for a new tiara, an upcoming sale at Bonham's in Knightsbridge may have just what you're looking for: a convertible pearl and diamond tiara that's more than a century old.

The tiara, shown as a necklace, and its coordinating brooch (Image: Bonham's)

The tiara, which was made in the 1890s, can be taken off its frame and worn as a necklace (as you can see in the image above). The lot notes of the piece describe it as "a graduated knifewire fringe of cushion-shaped, old brilliant and rose-cut diamonds, with foliate motifs and pearl highlights, accompanied by a detachable rose-cut diamond chain and tiara frame."

A closer view of the brooch (Image: Bonham's)

The convertible tiara is being sold with a coordinating diamond brooch, described in the notes as "an associated openwork cartouche brooch/pendant of foliate design, set throughout with cushion-shaped, old brilliant and rose-cut diamonds." The pieces are being sold in fitted cases from Poile and Smith.

A closer view of the tiara/necklace (Image: Bonham's)

For the interested buyer, I have some very good news on the financial front: the entire lot has been estimated at $6,400 - 9,000. What a bargain!

Which royals would you like to see pull a Crown Princes Mary and purchase this tiara?