11 June 2017

Jewels in Motion: Victoria and Daniel's Wedding Reception (2010)

Jonas Ekstromer - Pool/Getty Images

For this week's look back at the glamorous royal wedding of Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel of Sweden, we're focusing on part of the festivities we rarely get to see. Here's a glimpse into the couple's elaborate wedding reception -- in motion!

After their wedding banquet, Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel processed through the palace to even more wedding festivities. As you can see here, Victoria protected her heirloom veil -- worn by her mother, and several other Bernadotte brides, the veil originally belonged to Sofia of Nassau, the wife of King Oscar II of Sweden.

The gorgeous simplicity of Victoria's wedding gown was on full display as she and Daniel approached their grand wedding cake.

As the bakers showed off their creations, Victoria's jewelry sparkled. She wore the tiara, earrings, and bracelet from the grand Cameo Parure. The set has a lengthy royal history; the tiara may have belonged to Josephine de Beauharnais, the first wife of Napoleon Bonaparte. (Read more about the suite's history over here!)

Victoria and Daniel were led by a costumed choir to the ballroom for their wedding waltz.

The couple had clearly gotten in a bit of practice before the waltz, which is a tradition in several Scandinavian royal families.

Their guests beamed, and even took pictures, while they danced.

The transitions from space to space during the reception gave us some fascinating views of the jewels worn by wedding guests, and I've got a selection here for you to view. Above, you can see Daniel's mother being escorted by King Carl Gustaf; behind them, Queen Silvia, wearing the Braganza Tiara and pieces from the Pink Topaz Demi-Parure, is escorted by Daniel's father.

Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, wearing the Pearl Poire Tiara, was escorted by her uncle, Count Carl Johan Bernadotte.

Princess Beatrix -- then still Queen Beatrix -- of the Netherlands wore the grand tiara from the family's Mellerio Ruby Parure.

Princess Margaretha, Mrs. Ambler wore one of my favorite tiaras, the Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik, with its coordinating brooch.

Princess Desiree, Baroness Silvferschiold wore the large amethyst and diamond circlet that dates to the Napoleonic era.

Princess Birgitta of Sweden and Hohenzollern paired Queen Sofia's Tiara with the sapphire necklace that she inherited from her mother, Princess Sibylla.

A few months before her own marriage, Tatiana Blatnik (now Princess Tatiana of Greece and Denmark) wore statement earrings with her sparkling gown.

Infanta Elena of Spain wore her own Marichalar Meander Tiara (a gift from her former in-laws) with her bright pink gown.

We were able to spot Carina Axelsson, partner of Prince Gustav of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg, wearing a diamond tiara as well.

Queen Sofia of Spain, walking here with Queen Silvia, wore the delicate Mellerio Shell Tiara to the wedding -- one of the last times she's worn the piece in public.

The Duchess of Brabant (now Queen Mathilde of the Belgians) wore her own diamond laurel wreath tiara for the wedding.

Margarita of Bulgaria, wife of the country's last king, did not wear a tiara for the wedding, but behind her you, can spot Princess Desiree of Hohenzollern wearing the Pearl Circle Tiara that once belonged to her mother, Princess Birgitta.

Infanta Cristina of Spain borrowed a jewel, the Cartier Pearl and Diamond Tiara, that belonged to her great-grandmother, Queen Ena of Spain, for the occasion.

We get a glimpse of Belgium's Queen Paola wearing Queen Elisabeth's Art Deco Bandeau here; you can also just spot Queen Anne-Marie of Greece wearing the Ruby Olive Wreath Tiara just behind her.

Behind the Danish royal couple here, you can spot Margarita of Romania, wearing the family's Greek Key Tiara.

See more jewels worn by Victoria's wedding guests over here and over here!