28 June 2017

An Emerald Wedding Tiara in Wertheim

Photograph © Stefan from Royal Travel and Events. Do not reproduce.

Earlier this week, I asked my Twitter followers whether they'd wear an emerald wedding tiara like the one worn by Princess Sofia of Sweden. Coincidentally, this weekend brought a relevant tiara spotting in Germany: a wedding tiara set with diamonds and emeralds! Here's the scoop on the unusual wedding tiara worn by Sophie, Princess zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg.

Photograph © Stefan from Royal Travel and Events. Do not reproduce.

The tiara is something of a modified kokoshnik, rising to a peak in the center, and filled with elaborate, delicate diamond-studded design elements. I note ribbons and festoons among the designs. Seven cabochon emerald drops are suspended within these designs, moving as the wearer moves. According to a message posted at the RJWMB, the tiara has been with the family since at least the 1930s; it was worn by Sophie's great-grandmother, Princess Margarethe, at the wedding of Princess Alexandrine-Louise of Denmark in 1937.

Sophie also wore a small pair of diamond cluster stud earrings -- a good choice, because they sparkle, but there's no attempt to pull focus from that tiara! (Any such attempt would surely be futile.)

Photograph © Stefan from Royal Travel and Events. Do not reproduce.

The groom, Constantine, Count Fugger von Babenhausen (no, really, that's his name/title), coordinated his wedding ensemble with the bride's tiara. His green waistcoat pairs nicely with the emerald drops. You also get a glimpse of Sophie's plain gold wedding ring here.

Photograph © Stefan from Royal Travel and Events. Do not reproduce.

Sophie's wedding gown featured bejeweled embellishments, too. She's pictured here with her father, Ludwig, Prince zu Löwenstein-Wertheim-Freudenberg. I love getting a chance to feature a noble wedding like this. So many non-reigning and noble families have managed to hang on to their jewels, but we only get to see them in public on rare occasions like weddings. Isn't it great to see a fabulous tiara like this one come out of the vaults?

The images in this post were generously provided by a friend of the blog, Stefan from Royal Travel and Events, who was able to join the crowd outside the church in Wertheim. Thank you so much, Stefan! I'd highly recommend that you read his post about attending the wedding, which you can find here.