29 December 2016

The Best Royal Jewels of 2016: #4 (Silvia's German Jewels)


We're getting in to some really amazing jewels now! Our countdown continues with the fourth best bejeweled appearance of the year ... if you missed any of the previous posts, catch up here!

#4: Silvia's German Jewels

(Clemens Bilan/Getty Images)

For a dinner at Charlottenburg Palace in Berlin this October, Queen Silvia of Sweden wore two major pieces of royal jewelry with German roots. (Here's our post on the event.)

(MAJA HITIJ/AFP/Getty Images)

On her head, she perched the Baden Fringe Tiara. In recent years, the tiara has been worn almost exclusively by Crown Princess Victoria. But this was a very good choice for a dinner in Germany, as the tiara originally belonged to Queen Victoria of Sweden, who was born Princess Victoria of Baden.

(MAJA HITIJ/AFP/Getty Images)

But the best part of this bejeweled appearance wasn't even the tiara; it was the brooch! This is another piece of jewelry from Victoria of Baden's collection, and this was the first time we saw Silvia wear it in public. How unimaginably vast is the Bernadotte collection, when the women of the family can regularly pop on jewels that haven't been seen in decades or even centuries? (You can see a close-up of the brooch + photos of Victoria wearing it over here!)