03 October 2016

Poll: Best Maple Leaf Outing for Kate?

The Diamond Maple Leaf Brooch (Photo: Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images)

For our final Canadian tour wrap-up post, it's poll time! The Duchess of Cambridge has borrrowed the Diamond Maple Leaf Brooch from the Queen for each of her two royal visits to Canada, wearing it a total of six times. Have a look at each of her outings in the brooch, and then vote for your favorite in the poll below!

Photo: Mark Large - Pool/Getty Images

July 1, 2011: Kate wore the brooch in public for the first time in Ottawa on Canada Day, pairing it with white topaz and diamond stud earrings by Kiki McDonough and Asprey's 167 Diamond Button Pave Pendant Necklace

Photo: David Rose - Pool/Getty Images

July 1, 2011: Later that same evening, Kate wore the brooch to view fireworks in Ottawa, this time with the earrings from her diamond baguette and cluster suite

Photo: Chris Jackson - Pool/Getty Images

July 8, 2011: For a visit to the Calgary Zoo, Kate wore the brooch with the Kiki McDonough white topaz and diamond stud earrings

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

September 24, 2016: Kate arrived in Canada wearing the brooch at the start of the 2016 tour, pairing it with her diamond and tanzanite earrings from Collins and Sons

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

September 26, 2016: For a reception at Government House in Victoria, Kate wore the brooch with baroque pearl and crystal earrings by Soru Jewellery

Photo: Stephen Lock - Pool/Getty Images

October 1, 2016: For her farewell to western Canada, Kate wore the brooch once more, this time with her Kiki McDonough diamond hoop earrings and Annoushka Jewellery pearl drops