26 June 2016

Kate's Jewelry Box: The Polar Bear Brooch

The Polar Bear Brooch (Photo: Chris Jackson-Pool/Getty Images)

Today, our journey through the Duchess of Cambridge's jewelry box takes us to an unusual item. The Polar Bear Brooch is a unique piece not only because of its design but also because Kate has yet to wear it in public.

Photo: Chris Jackson-Pool/Getty Images

Kate received the brooch from the regional government of the Northwest Territories during the Cambridges' 2011 tour of Canada. The brooch, which was made by Harry Winston, features 4.5 carats of pav√©-set diamonds in platinum. In total, the brooch includes 302 diamonds, all of which were mined at the local Diavik Diamond Mine.

Photo: Chris Jackson-Pool/Getty Images

Kate wasn't the only Cambridge to receive a glittering gift from the government: William received a pair of cufflinks that match the brooch's polar bear design. The cufflinks are also made of platinum and set with 390 diamonds (weighing 2.48 carats total), all of which were also sourced from the Diavik mine.

Photo: Chris Jackson-Pool/Getty Images

We saw photographs of Kate admiring her new brooch during the official presentation of the gift, but we haven't seen her actually wear it yet. Since brooches aren't yet a regular part of Kate's jewelry rotation, I think it's possible that we may not see her wear the piece until her next swing through Yellowknife during a Canadian tour.