01 March 2021

The Floral Tiara Tournament!

Spring is coming soon here at The Court Jeweller HQ in the northern hemisphere, and the thought of bright blooming gardens has inspired me. You've all waited patiently, and now I'm excited to introduce our latest tiara voting contest: the Floral Tiara Tournament!

Thirty-two royal and noble tiaras from around the world will be competing in our latest tournament. All of the tiaras are inspired by nature, featuring flowers and leaves in their designs. Floral designs are some of the most popular for tiaras, so choosing the competitors wasn't easy. I've chosen the 32 featured pieces based on their royal and aristocratic histories, their beauty, and my own personal preferences—as well as my ability to license photos of each tiara. (If you don't find your favorite here, try not to take it personally: photos may simply not have been available for me to publish.)

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images, Chris Ison/PA Images/Alamy, SVEN NACKSTRAND/AFP via Getty Images, ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/AFP via Getty Images

We're doing things a little bit differently this time around. Rather than ranking the tiaras as we've done in the past, I've assigned them to four categories: classic floral tiaras, wreath tiaras, tiaras with large blossoms, and stylized floral designs. In the image above, you'll see an example of a tiara from each category: clockwise from the top left, we've got the Isenburg Floral Tiara (Classic), the Heathcote Tiara (Blossom), the Japanese Honeysuckle Tiara (Stylized), and the Diamond Vine Leaves Tiara (Wreath).

Within each of those four categories, the tiaras have been matched up for head-to-head competition with other similar sparklers, allowing you to compare tiaras with some related design features. In the end, the winner of the categories will face off for the chance to win the tiara tournament crown!

click to enlarge!

Our first vote will begin tomorrow morning. In the meantime, here's our tournament bracket! (You should also be able to download a PDF copy here!) Which floral tiaras are you most excited to vote for?