26 November 2020

Diamond Tiara Tournament: Queen Sophie's Diamond vs Princess Andrew's Meander


It's time for our final tiara contest of the first round of the tournament!

Chris Jackson/Getty Images, Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Queen Sophie's Diamond Tiara vs. Princess Andrew's Meander Tiara

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The first owner of this large, intricate diamond tiara was Queen Sophie of the Hellenes, who was born Princess Sophie of Prussia. The piece is an intriguing combination of modern and traditional styles. Many of the stones are large, rectangular diamonds. But those stones are nestled within more traditional floral designs. The tiara was later worn by Sophie's daughter-in-law, Queen Friederike, and was most recently spotted on Crown Princess Marie-Chantal.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This tiara's meander motif was perfect for its original owner, Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark. She gave it to her daughter-in-law, Queen Elizabeth II, as a wedding gift, and she subsequently passed it along to Princess Anne. It's a perfectly balanced and wearable tiara for a modern princess.