20 July 2020

Scandi Sparkler Spectacular: Josefina Diamond vs Ruby Aigrette

This contest matches up a big gun with a miniature jewel...

MIGUEL RIOPA/AFP via Getty Images, AFP via Getty Images

Queen Josefina's Diamond Tiara vs. Princess Astrid's Ruby Aigrette

MIGUEL RIOPA/AFP via Getty Images

One of the grandest and most intricate tiaras in the Norwegian royal vaults, this early nineteenth-century sparkler first belonged to Queen Josefina of Sweden and Norway, a granddaughter of Empress Josephine. The tiara took an interesting path to Norway: Queen Josefina left it to her granddaughter, Queen Lovisa of Denmark, who willed it to her son, Prince Gustav. In turn, he bequeathed the tiara to his niece, Crown Princess Martha of Norway. Today, it is worn exclusively by Queen Sonja.

AFP via Getty Images

This unusual diamond and ruby jewel is floral in design, but it also strongly resembles a pair of antenna. Its owner, Princess Astrid, wears it in excellent humor -- even reportedly joking that she can get radio signals from both London and Moscow when she wears it! The piece was originally designed to accommodate a feather, a common look worn by women at the turn of the last century.

Another Norwegian tiara vote is coming up next!