03 June 2020

Tournament of Brooches: Cullinan V vs Jardine Star

This contest is a battle of diamond classics...

Bethany Clarke/Getty Images, Arthur Edwards - WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Cullinan V Brooch vs. The Jardine Star Brooch

Alastair Grant - WPA Pool/Getty Images

This magnificent diamond brooch features a distinctive heart-shaped diamond. That 18.8-carat stone, the Cullinan V, was one of the major diamonds that resulted from the cutting of the massive Cullinan Diamond. The stone is usually worn in this brooch setting, but was originally designed to be used in other jewels as well, including the Delhi Durbar stomacher and Queen Mary's Honeysuckle Tiara. Queen Mary wore it in her coronet for her son's coronation in 1937, but today, it remains in its brooch setting, worn frequently by the Queen.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This classic diamond star brooch was, according to Leslie Field, bequeathed to the Queen by Lady Jardine in 1981. It ranks among her very favorite brooches, worn for a wide range of occasions, including holiday church services, Christmas Broadcasts, and even her Diamond Jubilee water pageant in 2012.

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