18 March 2020

Tiara Tournament: Cartier Indian vs Persian Turquoise

Our second match-up of the day features a pair of fabulous, intricate tiaras...

Fiona Hanson/PA Images/Alamy, Jim James/PA Images/Alamy

The Cartier Indian Tiara vs. The Persian Turquoise Tiara

Photo generously shared by reader Javier. DO NOT REPRODUCE

This rather incredible tiara was originally owned by one of Queen Victoria's granddaughters, the fascinating Princess Marie Louise. It was made by Cartier in the first quarter of the twentieth century, and its name comes from the Indian-inspired design elements incorporated into the piece. Marie Louise left the diamond, sapphire, and pearl jewel to her godson, the present Duke of Gloucester, and it's still being worn today by his wife, Birgitte.

Jim James/PA Images/Alamy

In 1923, King George V gave this diamond and turquoise tiara and its accompanying parure to his new daughter-in-law, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (better known to us as the Queen Mum). She passed the set (which gets its name from the Persian turquoises used in the parure) along to her daughter, Princess Margaret, who became its most frequent wearer. We don't know absolutely for sure, but it's most likely back in the Buckingham Palace vaults today.

Check back soon for Wednesday's third tiara showdown of the day...