24 February 2020

The Duchess of Cornwall's Amethysts

LEON NEAL/AFP via Getty Images

In the decade and a half that she's been part of the royal family, the Duchess of Cornwall has proved herself to be a truly excellent jewelry-wearer. Today, we've got a look at her growing collection of impressive pieces set with February's birthstone, the fantastic amethyst.

STEPHEN HIRD/AFP via Getty Images

In the years before her royal wedding, Camilla got major use out of this necklace, a three-stranded choker with a geometric clasp made of diamonds surrounding a single amethyst. Camilla selected the necklace to wear at her first public engagement: a visit to the National Osteoporosis Society in 2002. She also wore the necklace (plus an additional strand of pearls) at Princess Margaret's memorial service the same year.


In February 2005, she wore the necklace at Windsor Castle on the night that her engagement to Prince Charles was officially announced. She continued to wear it often in the early years of her marriage.

Yui Mok-Pool/Getty Images

Camilla also has a second pearl choker with an amethyst and diamond clasp. Here, at an event to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the Press Association in May 2018, she pairs the necklace with more amethyst jewels: her gorgeous diamond and amethyst earrings.

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

The earrings, which feature round amethyst studs ringed with diamonds, plus larger amethyst pendants also set in diamond frames, are truly impressive. Above, she wears them for a reception at the Serbian Parliament in Belgrade in March 2016.


Camilla has been wearing the earrings since the beginning of her royal marriage. On multiple occasions, she has paired them with a delicate amethyst and diamond necklace, like this appearance at the Royal Variety Performance in 2006.

Chris Jackson-Pool/Getty Images

She also wore the combination with a Prince of Wales Feather Brooch during a banquet at Prague Castle in March 2010.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

She has also paired the earrings with her diamond serpent necklace, as in this appearance at a British Asian Trust Dinner in London in February 2015.

LEON NEAL/AFP via Getty Images

Camilla has also worn the earrings with a gorgeous pearl, diamond, and amethyst necklace with a large heart-shaped amethyst pendant.


The necklace was a wedding present to the Queen Mother from Queen Alexandra. Here, Camilla wears the necklace and earrings together for the royal premiere of the film Skyfall in October 2012.