16 July 2019

TCJ Book Club Discussion: ROYAL SISTERS

Image: The Court Jeweller

Grab your copy of our latest book club selection, magpies: it's time to discuss Anne Edwards's Royal Sisters!

The Queen and Princess Margaret at the London Coliseum during the Queen's fifth wedding anniversary celebrations, November 1952 (AFP/Getty Images)

Originally published in the 1990s, Edwards's book takes a look at the young lives of Princesses Elizabeth and Margaret, from their childhood until the 1950s. Their romances with Philip Mountbatten and Peter Townsend form a major part of the book. Edwards is keenly interested in the way the regal position of each princess informed her romance.

Peter Townsend in Brussels, March 1955 (Central Press/Getty Images)

The book was republished in 2016, no doubt thanks to the success of The Crown. Edwards has provided a new foreword to the book that discusses her own personal connections to her biographical subjects -- including her friendship with Townsend.

Image: The Court Jeweller

What did you make of Edwards's glimpse into the early years of the Queen's life and reign? What did you make of the portrayal of her relationship with her younger sister? Let's discuss the book in the comments below!

Our discussion of Royal Sisters continues below in the comments! Stay tuned later this morning for the big reveal of our next selection for The Court Jeweller Book Club!