03 June 2019

State Visit Jewels: UK-US Welcome Ceremony


As the American President and First Lady arrived on Monday for the start of a state visit to Britain, the Queen and the royals hosted a series of welcome ceremonies for the couple. Here's a look at the jewels worn by the royal ladies during these events.


The Queen chose a classic heirloom brooch for the official arrival of her guests: the Cambridge Emerald Cluster Brooch, with its glossy emerald pendant drop. (Learn more about the brooch here!)

Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images

For the arrival ceremonies, the Duchess of Cornwall wore pearl earrings with one of her signature pearl choker necklaces. This necklace features a large, shield-shaped diamond clasp.


Camila also wore several bracelets on her left wrist, including a distinctive silver-toned bangle.


Inside the palace, the Queen sported another brooch -- the delicate Cullinan VI and VIII Brooch --  for the usual viewing of relevant items from the Royal Collection. (More on the brooch here!)

Tolga Akmen - WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Duchess of Gloucester was also present to enjoy the Royal Collection display. It's tough to see, but it looks like she wore jewels from her collection of sapphire pieces.


Camilla changed into a second ensemble to host the presidential couple for tea at Clarence House. She wore another of her pearl choker necklaces (this time with the round diamond clasp). She'll change again shortly for the banquet at Buckingham Palace, and we'll have a post featuring the royal jewels from that event up later this evening.

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