18 February 2018

A Regal New Brooch for Camilla

Peter Bryne - WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Prince of Wales and the Duchess of Cornwall visited Yorkshire on Friday, and Camilla wore a regal new brooch for the occasion.


The new jewel, which was pinned to the collar of her pink coat, is shaped like a coronet or crown.

Arthur Edwards - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Here's a close-up. The gold brooch features small golden pearl toppers, and the "base" of the coronet is studded with diamonds, as well as red and green gemstones.


Charles and Camilla made various stops during the visit, but one of the most interesting was Camilla's visit to Haworth, the location of the Bronte family's parsonage. Permit me a moment of literary nerdiness here -- my master's thesis was on Wuthering Heights -- Camilla celebrated the 200th anniversary of Emily Bronte's birth by helping to complete a manuscript of her famous novel. Nifty!