09 January 2018

Delicate Jewels for Meghan in Brixton

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were in Brixton today for a visit to Reprezent Radio, which runs a training program aimed to help young people develop and socialize through radio. Meghan stayed to true to her established jewelry style, choosing delicate golden pieces for the event.


Meghan wore simple, on-trend gold line stud earrings for the visit.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

She also wore three rings on her right hand, all simple gold rings from her pre-engagement collection.


She also added a slim gold bangle on her right wrist. Above, you can see the rings on her thumb, index, and ring fingers.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

And, as usual, the star of the jewelry show was her diamond engagement ring, which added a little #marklesparkle to her minimalistic look.