19 November 2017

Jewels in Motion: Diamonds, A Jubilee Celebration

Caroline de Guitaut curates the "Diamonds: A Jubilee Celebration" exhibit at Buckingham Palace, June 2012 (Bethany Clarke/Getty Images

Five years ago, the exhibition space at Buckingham Palace glittered with more than ten thousand diamonds, all set in priceless pieces of jewelry that belong to Queen Elizabeth II. Today, I've got a view of the exhibition for you -- and since it's in GIF form, you'll feel like you're really there!

The instantly-recognizable George IV State Diadem, with its sparkling diamonds and luminous pearls, was a centerpiece of the exhibition

Queen Victoria's signature Small Diamond Crown alone is set with more than 1000 diamonds

Queen Alexandra's Russian-inspired kokoshnik is a wall of diamonds

Queen Mary's Delhi Durbar Tiara is a relic of a bygone age when kings were emperors

The exhibition reunited seven of the nine Cullinan diamonds; here, the Cullinan III and IV are set in the brooch that the Queen has nicknamed "Granny's Chips"

The marquise pendant diamond suspended from the Delhi Durbar Necklace is the Cullinan VII

Here's a view of the detailed construction of the necklace

The heart-shaped diamond in the middle of this classic brooch is the Cullinan V

The rectangular Cullinan VIII is set in the top of this similar brooch, with the marquise-cut Cullinan VI as its pendant

Completing the set (except for the I and II diamonds, which are set in the crown jewels) is the pear-shaped Cullinan IX which is set in a platinum ring

One of the rarest pink diamonds was on display in the Queen's Williamson Diamond Brooch

The exhibition also included several diamond-studded objet d'art pieces, including this sword and scabbard set, which was given to King Edward VII by the Maharajah of Jaipur

The sword, which is set with more than 700 white and yellow diamonds, was a coronation present, given to King Edward in 1902

Another 1902 piece is the diamond-encrusted Coronation Fan that belonged to King Edward's wife, Queen Alexandra