21 August 2017

Jewels on Film: The Crown Season 2 Trailer

Netflix recently released the first trailer for the upcoming second season of The Crown, which debuts on the streaming service on December 8. You all know what that means -- time to judge the jewels! (I recapped the entire first season of the show, and you can read all of my posts about the series here!)

Our first glimpse of the Queen in season two is not a particularly promising one. You'll remember that the last episode ended on a low note where her marriage was concerned, with Philip heading off alone on a world tour. Interestingly, these are the same invented earrings (stand-ins for the Greville Chandeliers) that we saw Elizabeth wear in the portrait session at the very end of season one.

The lonely monarch sits in a box at the ballet, wearing the earrings with the Vladimir Tiara (presented here, I believe, in its "widowed" form -- I'm not sure the Queen wore it that way this early in her reign). The necklace looks like another invented piece, I believe.

We get a diamond brooch as the Queen makes another visit to Norman Hartnell's studio. (We previously saw her visit in season one, episode eight.)

We also get another look at the production's diamond bow brooch, which we first saw in season one, episode three.

The jewelry show-stopper moment of the trailer is this one: the first appearance of the Cambridge emeralds! The Queen is shown wearing the Vladimir Tiara with the Cambridge emerald drops, plus the earrings and necklace from the Delhi Durbar suite. For my money, that's a pretty good replica of the necklace. The placement of the drops in the tiara, though, really emphasize the fact that the replica is too tall. (Also: if the orders look weird here, it's because she's looking in a mirror.)

We get a look at some of the other female characters in the trailer as well. Here's the Queen Mother, wearing her usual three strands of pearls with a pair of pearl drop earrings.

And good ol' Margaret, spicing up the background as usual. This season, her canoodling partner is Antony Armstrong-Jones, played by Matthew Goode. (Note that Margaret's got a ring on her left hand here -- after a lot of focus on her right hand rings last season -- but not quite on her fourth finger yet.)

And finally, we get another historical figure popping up this season! That's South African actress Jodi Balfour playing Jacqueline Kennedy. It looks like the production has attempted to replicate Jackie's diamond leaf brooches, which were wedding gifts from her in-laws, Joseph and Rose Kennedy. Jackie did wear one of the brooches in her hair on at least one occasion.

I'll be recapping this season of The Crown -- will you be watching?