02 April 2017

Jewels in Motion: The Queen Mum's Tiaras

AFP/Getty Images

Last Thursday marked fifteen years since the death of Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother, who was the wife of one British monarch and the mother of another. In honor of the anniversary of her passing, I've been digging into archival footage of her glittering gala appearances to bring you moving images of some of her gorgeous tiaras. Enjoy!

Wearing the circlet version of her Coronation Crown during the 1938 state visit to France

Speaking at the Columbia University Charter Dinner in New York in the Greville Tiara in 1954

Wearing the Oriental Circlet at a French film festival in London in 1957

Waving to crowds in Montreal in the Teck Crescent Tiara during the 1939 tour of Canada

In the Delhi Durbar Tiara at parliament in Cape Town during the 1947 royal tour

Wearing the Cartier Bracelet Bandeau at a 1933 reception for the Travel and Industrial Development Association of Great Britain at the Guildhall in London

Sparkling in Queen Mary's Fringe Tiara at a royal film premiere in 1950

Wearing the incredibly sparkly Cartier Halo Tiara at the ballet, ca. 1930s

Note: These aren't all of the tiaras that the Queen Mum wore. Her collection also included, for example, the Persian Turquoise Tiara, the Aquamarine Pineflower Tiara, the Strathmore Rose Tiara, and the Lotus Flower Tiara.