09 April 2017

Jewels in Motion: Portuguese State Visit (1955)

In 1955, Queen Elizabeth II welcomed the President of Portugal to London for a state visit. The visit wrapped up with a gala at Covent Garden, where they royal ladies put their best jewels on display. Here's a look at what they wore -- in motion!

First to arrive for the gala was the Duchess of Kent. Marina wore her classic festoon tiara, pairing it with pearls. (You can read more about this tiara over here.)

Marina was accompanied by her daughter, Princess Alexandra of Kent. She wore the intricate bandeau tiara that the family inherited from Queen Mary; it was later worn by the present Duchess of Kent at her wedding (after which it was likely remodeled).

Princess Marie Louise wore the all-diamond Schleswig-Holstein Honeysuckle Tiara, which she inherited from her sister, Princess Helena Victoria. (See her wearing the tiara over here.)

The Queen Mother wore one of her favorite jewel pairings: the Oriental Circlet with the Crown Rubies. (More on those pieces over here!)

Princess Margaret wore a tiara that has become very familiar to modern-day royal watchers: the Cartier Halo Tiara. (Much more on this piece here.)

Margaret walked in to the gala with her aunt, the Duchess of Gloucester. Alice is wearing her diamond bandeau, which was a wedding gift from her husband. The piece can be worn in either all-diamond or diamond and emerald settings; she appears to be wearing the emeralds here.

Fittingly, the sparkliest royal lady in attendance was the Queen herself. She wore Queen Alexandra's Kokoshnik (a legacy from Queen Mary) with the Dorset Bow Brooch (another jewel from Queen Mary) and the City of London Fringe Necklace (a wedding gift).