11 October 2016

The Queen's Pearls for Kate's First Solo Foreign Trip

Kate wears diamond and pearl earrings in The Hague (Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Insert your "Girl with the Pearl Earring" puns here: the Duchess of Cambridge chose a very appropriate -- and, it turns out, valuable -- pair of earbobs for her visit to the Netherlands today.

Photo: PETER DEJONG/AFP/Getty Images

Kate's on her first official solo foreign visit today. Above, we see her meeting with King Willem-Alexander of the Netherlands at Villa Eikenhorst in The Hague. (Maxima's out of town. I KNOW. It's a tragic missed opportunity.)

Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images

For the visit, Kate wore a pair of earrings that she debuted during the recent tour of Canada: diamond studs with small pearl drops. You can see a detailed shot of the earrings above.


You'll recall that, during the Canadian tour, Heavenly Necklaces intimated that these earrings could be from their collection. We learned today that this is not the case: royal reporters have confirmed that the earrings are indeed on loan from the Queen.