22 June 2016

Queen's Jewels for Kate at Houghton Hall

William and Kate attend an EACH gala at Houghton Hall (Photo: Stephen Pond/Getty Images)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a gala at Houghton Hall (which is located in King's Lynn, near the Sandringham estate) this evening to support the East Anglia's Children's Hospices. Kate is the royal patron of EACH. For the gala, she chose two pieces of jewelry that have been loaned to her by the Queen.

Photo: Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Kate's diamond chandelier earrings, a loan from the Queen, should be familiar; she's worn them at several major events, and we covered them in a blog post here.

Photo: Stephen Pond/Getty Images

Many of you will also recognize the diamond bracelet she wore on her left wrist.

Photo: Stephen Pond/Getty Images

The bracelet, which features a geometric, Art Deco-esque design, also belongs to the Queen. (You also get a good look here at Kate's sapphire engagement ring -- you can read our post about the ring here.)

The piece was made from a choker necklace worn by Queen Mary, as you can see in the portrait above.

The Queen Mother also wore the bracelet in a series of portrait photos commemorating her 75th birthday in 1975. Kate's worn this piece in public before as well, notably at the recent Chinese state banquet.