The Daily Diadem: The Poltimore Tiara

The Poltimore Tiara (Photo: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

Helen Molesworth of Christie's displays the Poltimore Tiara ahead of its sale in London, 13 May 2006; the tiara, which belonged to Princess Margaret, sold for $1.7 million at auction

Auction Update: The Lesedi La Rona Diamond

The Lesedi la Rona Diamond (Photo: BEN STANSALL/AFP/Getty Images)

On Wednesday, one of the largest diamonds ever discovered, the Lesedi la Rona Diamond, was put up for sale at Sotheby's in London. And the result was...

Jewels on Film: The Greeks Visit Britain (1963)

The Greeks visit Britain (Photo: Central Press/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Today, our jewel time machine takes us to the 1963 state visit from Greece to the United Kingdom. As the video below shows, the visit was marked by vigorous public protests, but it also brought some major glitter.

The Daily Diadem: The Murat Tiara

The Murat Tiara (Photo: MIGUEL MEDINA/AFP/GettyImages)

The Murat Tiara, created by Joseph Chaumet for the bride of Prince Alexandre Murat, is displayed ahead of its auction at Sotheby's in London, 26 April 2012; the tiara sold for $3.8 million

The Top Ten: Royal Pearl Tiaras

Queen Elizabeth II wears the Vladimir Tiara (Photo: KIERAN DOHERTY/AFP/Getty Images)

As June winds down, it's time to pay another tribute to this month's birthstone, the elegant pearl. Today, I'm counting down my top ten tiaras that include pearls and are currently worn by royals. Let us know in the comments which tiaras make your top ten!

The Daily Diadem: The Hesketh Aquamarine Tiara

The Hesketh Aquamarine Tiara (Photo: FABRICE COFFRINI/AFP/Getty Images)

A diamond and aquamarine tiara from the estate of Christian, Lady Hesketh is displayed ahead of an auction at Sotheby's in Geneva, 8 May 2007; the tiara sold for $98,000

The Royal Brooch Dilemma: A Coiffeured Solution?

Andra Day accessorizes with a brooch in her hair (Photo: Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images)

We've spent a lot of time here at The Court Jeweller chatting about the extensive brooch collections of some of Europe's royal ladies -- but quite often, those discussions lead to questions about what the next generations of royal women will do with all of those bejeweled pins, especially now that traditional brooch-wearing has gone by the wayside.

Musician Andra Day reminded us of one possible solution this weekend at the BET Awards: a number of brooches make excellent, inventive hair ornaments. Today, let's look at the way royals have used their brooches in their hair -- plus some of the brooches I'd like to see royals try out in their tresses.

The Daily Diadem: The Rosebery Pearl and Diamond Tiara

The Rosebery Pearl and Diamond Tiara (Photo: CARL COURT/AFP/Getty Images)

The Rosebery Pearl and Diamond Tiara is photographed prior to its auction at Christie's, 6 June 2011; the tiara was sold for $1.9 million and is owned today by the Qatar Museums Authority Collection

Jewels of Norway's Silver Jubilee

Norway celebrates a silver jubilee (Photo: Ragnar Singsaas/Getty Images)

On Thursday, King Harald V and Queen Sonja of Norway celebrated their silver jubilee -- the 25th anniversary of their coronation, which was actually a service of blessing in the cathedral at Trondheim. The royal family gathered in Trondheim for various events to celebrate. Here's a look at their jewels...

The Daily Diadem: Queen Adelaide's Diamond Fringe

Queen Mary wears Queen Adelaide's Diamond Fringe (Photo: Grand Ladies Site)

Queen Mary of the United Kingdom wears Queen Adelaide's Diamond Fringe (see #98 here) as a tiara during a royal tour of Lancashire, ca. 1913

Kate's Jewelry Box: The Polar Bear Brooch

The Polar Bear Brooch (Photo: Chris Jackson-Pool/Getty Images)

Today, our journey through the Duchess of Cambridge's jewelry box takes us to an unusual item. The Polar Bear Brooch is a unique piece not only because of its design but also because Kate has yet to wear it in public.

The Daily Diadem: The Vladimir Tiara

The Vladimir Tiara (Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

The Vladimir Tiara, with the Cambridge emerald drops, is displayed at Buckingham Palace during an exhibit celebrating the Queen's 80th birthday, 25 July 2006

The Khedive of Egypt Tiara

The Khedive of Egypt Tiara (Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Princess Margaret of Connaught had a number of tiaras at her disposal during her tenure as crown princess of Sweden, but none of the others are quite as romantic and sentimental as today's piece: the Cartier tiara given to her as a wedding gift by the Khedive of Egypt.

The Daily Diadem: The Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara

Queen Elizabeth II wears the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara (Photo: RONNY HARTMANN/AFP/Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom wears the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara as she arrives for a state banquet in Berlin, 24 June 2015

This Week in Royal Jewels: June 17-23

June 17-23, 2016

A royal jubilee and a set of glittering national day tiaras led the way this week. Don't forget to vote for your favorites in the poll below!

Photo: Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images

10. Princess Eugenie of York showed support for a former royal-adjacent -- Chelsy Davy, former girlfriend of Prince Harry -- at the launch of her new line of jewelry on Tuesday. I believe that Eugenie's gold balance earrings are a part of the new line.

The Daily Diadem: Queen Mary's Fringe Tiara

The Queen Mother wears Queen Mary's Fringe Tiara (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Queen Elizabeth (the Queen Mother) of the United Kingdom wears Queen Mary's Fringe Tiara in a portrait taken at the time of her coronation, May 1937

The Leuchtenberg Fabergé Tiara

The Leuchtenberg Fabergé Tiara (Photo: MEHDI FEDOUACH/AFP/Getty Images)

Earlier this week, I briefly mentioned a rare diamond tiara made by Fabergé, a jewelry house that made relatively few tiaras. Today, let's delve further into its story. Although the tiara ended up in Italy, it began its story with two imperial powers: Russia and France.

Some of the diamonds in this small but mighty tiara were given by Tsar Alexander I of Russia to Empress Joséphine of France. The Alexander and Joséphine (who had by this time been divorced by Napoléon Bonaparte) were good friends, and he often visited her at her country estate, the Château de Malmaison. When he visited, Alexander brought presents, and these diamonds were among those gifts.

Queen's Jewels for Kate at Houghton Hall

William and Kate attend an EACH gala at Houghton Hall (Photo: Stephen Pond/Getty Images)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge attended a gala at Houghton Hall (which is located in King's Lynn, near the Sandringham estate) this evening to support the East Anglia's Children's Hospices. Kate is the royal patron of EACH. For the gala, she chose two pieces of jewelry that have been loaned to her by the Queen.

The Daily Diadem: The Delhi Durbar Tiara

The Duchess of Cornwall wears the Delhi Durbar Tiara (Photo: MATT DUNHAM/AFP/Getty Images)

The Duchess of Cornwall wears the Delhi Durbar Tiara at a banquet at Buckingham Palace to mark the centenary of Norway's independence, 25 October 2005

Jewel History: The Peeresses at the Coronation (1911)

King George V and Queen Mary at their coronation, June 1911 (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

"The Peeresses at the Coronation"
(originally published in the Patea Mail, 21 Aug 1911)

London, June 23 -- The purely social point of view of the Coronation [1] was almost extraordinarily interesting, and almost everyone of note in London at present was to be seen in various parts of the great Abbey. The assemblage began to gather at half-past six, and from then until nine o'clock the Gold Staff officers had a very difficult task to deal with the thousands of people who arrived and who had to be conducted to their seats.

Quite a number of peers and peeresses arrived in state coaches. These vehicles presented a very magnificent appearance, the more noteworthy being those owned by Lord Bute [2], which was of powder blue and apricot yellow; Lord Lonsdale [3], whose bright canary-colored coach was easily recognized; Lord Beauchamp [4]; Lord Cadogan [5], who was accompanied by Lady Cadogan and whose carriage of Cadogan blue and brown was superbly turned out; Lord and Lady Londonderry [6]; Lord and Lady Salisbury [7]; Lord and Lady Galway [8]; the Duke and Duchess of Somerset [9]; and others far too numerous to mention.

The Daily Diadem: The Cambridge Sapphire Tiara

Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent wears the Cambridge Sapphire Tiara (Photo: Keystone/Getty Images)

Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent wears the original Cambridge Sapphire Tiara while departing Kensington Palace en route to a ball at Windsor Castle in honor of Princess Alexandra and Angus Ogilvy, 1963

On the Block: Grand Duchess Vladimir's Star Sapphire Brooch

Image via Christie's

Christie's New York is currently in the midst of an enormous sale from a famous jewelry collector: the late Joan Rivers. For most, her name probably evokes thoughts that are more about comedy than about fine jewelry, but Joan was a major collector of all sorts of decorative objects. Her estate boasts an important group of jewels and bejeweled objects by Faberge -- including today's brooch, which has a Russian imperial provenance.

The Daily Diadem: Queen Mary's Honeysuckle Tiara

The Duchess of Gloucester wears Queen Mary's Honeysuckle Tiara (Photo: LEON NEAL/AFP/Getty Images)

The Duchess of Gloucester, who celebrates her 70th birthday this week, wears Queen Mary's Honeysuckle Tiara at a Guildhall banquet for the President of Singapore, 22 October 2014

Emeralds in Amsterdam for Queen Maxima

Queen Maxima wears emeralds in Amsterdam (Photo: REMKO DE WAAL/AFP/Getty Images)

On Saturday, Queen Maxima of the Netherlands attended a conference on transgender health care in Amsterdam. For the event, she wore glittering emeralds and diamonds with her bright green coat.

The Top Ten: Royal Ascot Jewels 2016

Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot 2016 (Photo: Harry Trump/Getty Images)

Having Royal Ascot withdrawals? Never fear -- today, we're featuring my top ten jewels from this year's races. Vote for your favorite in the poll below, or tell us about another favorite piece in the comments!

The Daily Diadem: The Swedish Six-Button Tiara

Princess Christina wears the Swedish Six-Button Tiara (Photo: Ragnar Singsaas/Getty Images)

Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson wears the Swedish Six-Button Tiara at the wedding of her nephew, Prince Carl Philip, 13 June 2015

Jewels on Film: Carl Gustaf and Silvia's Royal Wedding (1976)

King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia's wedding portrait (Photo: AFP/Getty Images)

Happy 40th wedding anniversary to King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden. Silvia Sommerlath went from commoner to queen consort in a matter of moments on June 19, 1976, when she married Sweden's king.

Kate's Jewelry Box: The Diamond Wedding Earrings

The Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day (Photo: Paul Hackett - WPA Pool/Getty Images)

Last week, we saw the Duchess of Cambridge wear her diamond wedding earrings in public for the first time since the royal wedding (which, believe it or not, was more than five years ago!). Here's a closer look at these special earrings.

The Daily Diadem: The Napoleonic Cut Steel Tiara

Princess Désirée wears the Napoleonic Cut Steel Tiara (Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Princess Désirée, Baroness Silfverschiöld wears the Napoleonic Cut Steel Tiara at the wedding of her nephew, Prince Carl Philip, 13 June 2015

Royal Ascot Jewels 2016: Day 5

Royal Ascot 2016, Day 5 (Photo: Harry Trump/Getty Images)

We're in the homestretch, everybody! Day 5 is usually a lightly-attended day at Royal Ascot for the royal family, but we still have a few sparkles to enjoy.

The Savoy-Aosta Tiara

Princess Astrid wears the Savoy-Aosta Tiara (Photo: Mark Renders/Getty Images)

Tiaras are special because they're beautiful works of art, but some of them are doubly interesting because of their royal pasts. Every now and then, one of today's princesses wears a tiara that came from a royal house of the past. Today's tiara, the Savoy-Aosta Tiara, is one of those -- it started off with a branch of the former reigning family of Italy, and now it graces the head of a Belgian princess.

The Daily Diadem: The Baden Fringe Tiara

Princess Birgitta wears the Baden Fringe Tiara (Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Princess Birgitta of Sweden and Hohenzollern wears the Baden Fringe Tiara at the wedding of her nephew, Prince Carl Philip, 13 June 2015

Royal Ascot Jewels 2016: Day 4

Royal Ascot 2016, Day 4 (Photo: Charlie Crowhurst/Getty Images for Ascot Racecourse)

The fourth day of Royal Ascot 2016 brings us a Queen Mum brooch, a Jordanian princess, and -- gasp -- Fergie!

This Week in Royal Jewels: June 10-16

June 10-16, 2016

It was a banner week for royal jewelry, and it was difficult to narrow down my top ten picks! Be sure to vote for your favorites in the poll below -- and if I've left out your choice (and I very well may have!), let us know in the comments!

Photo: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images

10. The Duchess of Cambridge debuted a new silver-toned necklace with a light blue pendant gemstone at the St. Paul's thanksgiving service on Friday. Read more about all the jewels from the service here; also, check out my overview (complete with poll!) of Kate's week of jewels!

Kate's Week in Jewels (Plus Bonus Poll!)

Kate's Week in Jewels (Photos: Eddie Mulholland - WPA Pool/Getty Images, Ben A. Pruchnie/Getty Images, Chris Jackson/Getty Images, Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

This week we've seen something that usually only happens during royal tours: seven full days of appearances by the Duchess of Cambridge! Here's a recap of the jewels she wore, including several new pieces. Be sure to vote for your favorites in the poll below!

The Daily Diadem: The Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik

Princess Margaretha wears the Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik (Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Princess Margaretha, Mrs. Ambler wears the Swedish Aquamarine Kokoshnik at the wedding of her nephew, Prince Carl Philip, 13 June 2015

Royal Ascot Jewels 2016: Ladies' Day

Royal Ascot 2016, Day 3 (Photo: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

It's Ladies' Day at Royal Ascot! Here are some of the jewels we saw on Day 3...

The Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara

The Leuchtenberg Sapphire Tiara (Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images)

If you’re on the lookout today for jewels that belonged to members of the imperial family of France, you’d best look not only in the Louvre but also in the family foundation of the Bernadottes, the royal family of Sweden. Like many of their grandest pieces, the gorgeous sapphires in their collection started out in nineteenth-century France.

The Daily Diadem: The Modern Fringe Tiara

Princess Madeleine wears the Modern Fringe Tiara (Photo: Ian Gavan/Getty Images)

Princess Madeleine of Sweden wears the Modern Fringe Tiara at the wedding of her brother, Prince Carl Philip, 13 June 2015

Royal Ascot Jewels 2016: Day 2

Royal Ascot 2016, Day 2 (Photo: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Day 2 was a real show-stopper at Royal Ascot, with a brand-new brooch and two princess-ly debuts at the races! Here's a look at the sparkle in the royal box...

Earring Update: Queen Letizia of Spain

Queen Letizia of Spain delivers scholarships in Madrid (Photo: Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images)

It's time for yet another Queen Letizia earring update! Here are some of the pairs she's worn this week so far...

The Daily Diadem: The Connaught Diamond Tiara

Crown Princess Victoria wears the Connaught Diamond Tiara (Photo: JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP/Getty Images)

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden wears the Connaught Diamond Tiara at the wedding of her brother, Prince Carl Philip, 13 June 2015

Kate Wears Kiki in Northern Ireland

William and Kate attend a garden party in Northern Ireland (Photo: Carrie Davenport/Getty Images)

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge traveled to Northern Ireland on Monday, where they attended a garden party at Hillsborough Castle. Kate wore two familiar pieces of jewelry, but she also debuted yet another new pair of earrings.

Royal Ascot Jewels 2016: Day 1

Royal Ascot, Day 1 (Photo: JUSTIN TALLIS/AFP/Getty Images)

Happy Hat Christmas, everybody! Here's a look at the jewelry (and chapeaux) we saw on display from the royals on the first day of Royal Ascot.

Charlene Glitters at the Television Festival

Princess Charlene speaks at the Monte Carlo Television Festival (Source)

Princess Charlene of Monaco has continued to up her jewelry game of late, and the diamonds she sported at the 56th annual Monte Carlo Television Festival on Sunday were absolutely jaw-dropping.

New Racing Brooch for Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II awards a trophy at Ascot Racecourse (Photo: Getty Images)

Emily Andrews of the Sun reports that the Queen will be given a new brooch during Royal Ascot:

The Daily Diadem: Princess Sofia's Emerald Palmette Tiara

Princess Sofia wears her wedding tiara (Photo: Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Princess Sofia of Sweden wears her Emerald Palmette Tiara at her wedding, one year ago today in Stockholm

Garter Day Jewels 2016

Garter Day 2016 (Photo: Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

The big royal week rolls on with Garter Day, the annual gathering of the knights and ladies of the Order of the Garter at Windsor Castle. Unfortunately, rain canceled the procession from the castle to St. George's Chapel, but we still got to see some glittering jewels on display.