22 March 2016

Rose Ball Jewels 2016

The royals were out in force in Monaco this weekend for the annual Rose Ball, which raises money for the Princess Grace Foundation. For the second year in a row, Princess Charlene was not in attendance (I don't think there's been any explanation given), but Princess Caroline and her family were there in all their Rose Ball splendor.

With Charlene absent, Princess Caroline served as co-host of the ball, which was Cuban-themed this year.

Her primary piece of jewelry was a pair of large hoop earrings. (Quite a downgrade from last year's diamonds!)

Caroline's elder daughter, Charlotte Casiraghi, went with minimal jewelry. She wore stud earrings with her outfit...

...which was, intriguingly, a jumpsuit with a cape (!). In the photo above, you can see that she also added a stack of bangles to her ensemble.

Charlotte's younger sister, Princess Alexandra of Hanover, made her Rose Ball debut this year. She added a bit of glitter with a sparkling necklace. Age appropriate and totally lovely.

The other members of the family clearly went out of their way to make Alexandra feel comfortable in front of the camera, which I thought was really sweet.

Both of Princess Caroline's daughters-in-law were at the ball this year, too. Tatiana's long hair hid her earrings in most of the photographs, but a snap from the dance floor revealed that they're intriguing statement earrings with a pendant drop.

But the star of the show, without a doubt, was Beatrice Borromeo. She wore an absolutely amazing Giambattista Valli gown with stunning jewels.

Here's a look at her gorgeous drop earrings...

...and a better view of that astonishing necklace! I believe we're looking at a cabochon emerald surrounded by diamonds. It looks like the earrings also feature a pale-green cabochon, but I'm not sure what the gemstone is.

(Look how amazing this gown looked while Beatrice and Pierre danced!)

There are a few members of former royal families who live in Monaco, and chief among them are Carlo and Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. They attend many of the high-profile events at the principality, including the Rose Ball. This year, Camilla wore a floral necklace and earrings to go with her floral gown.

No Charlene, but at least we had a little glitter at this year's ball. (I still think this should be a tiara event. Monaco needs one!) Which jewels from the evening were your favorites?