07 October 2015

Jewels of Queen Saleha of Brunei

Today, Queen Saleha of Brunei celebrates her birthday. As the wife of the Sultan of Brunei, Saleha has a rather incredible jewelry box. We don't know much about the provenance of most of her jewels, but we can certainly admire their sparkle. To mark her birthday, here's a look at some of her glittering royal appearances.

September 1998: Queen Saleha (left) attends a state banquet during the royal family of Brunei's state visit to Britain; pictured at far right is the Sultan's (now divorced) second wife, Queen Mariam

July 1999: Queen Saleha (left) appears with the Sultan and Queen Mariam on his 53rd birthday

July 2000: Queen Saleha, the Sultan, and Queen Mariam on his 54th birthday

February 2001: Queen Saleha (right) and Queen Mariam wear tiaras on Brunei's national day

July 2003: Queen Saleha wears a diamond tiara with additional diamond jewels on the Sultan's birthday. As she often does now, Saleha is wearing her tiara with a hajib

February 2004: Queen Saleha and Queen Silvia of Sweden attend a gala during the Swedish state visit to Brunei

July 2004: Queen Saleha appears for the Sultan's 58th birthday

July 2004: Close-up of Saleha's jewels

July 2004: Another bejeweled appearance for the Sultan's birthday

September 2004: Queen Saleha wears diamonds for the wedding of her son, the crown prince

September 2004: Another look at Saleha's jewels at the royal wedding

July 2005: The Sultan celebrates his birthday; Queen Saleha wears a tiara as well as other bejeweled pieces on her hijab

July 2006: Queen Saleha wears a tiara and additional jewels with diamonds and emeralds during the celebrations for the Sultan's 60th birthday. In 1996, Saleha loaned this tiara to her daughter, Princess Rashidah, for her wedding

July 2006: A close-up of Saleha's jewels

July 2006: Also during the Sultan's 60th birthday celebrations, Queen Saleha wears her large diamond tiara. Pictured at right is Queen Azrinaz, the Sultan's (now divorced) third wife

June 2007: Queen Azrinaz and Queen Saleha at the wedding of Saleha's daughter, Princess Majeedah

April 2011: The Sultan and Queen Saleha attend the pre-wedding gala for the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

January 2013: The Sultan and Queen Saleha host a state banquet in honor of Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands