23 March 2015

Swedish Royal Wedding Updates

As we draw even closer to this year's royal wedding in Sweden, the court is releasing new details about the weekend's events. Get excited -- we're going to see some major jewels this June!

The wedding will be held on the afternoon of June 13, with a reception that evening. Even though they start in the afternoon, these weddings are generally white tie, because they last long into the nighttime hours. I'm pretty confident we're looking at white tie and tiaras for this wedding, just as we saw at Victoria's and Madeleine's.

The night before the wedding, a private dinner will be held. We might see photos of the guests arriving for the event, but there likely won't be any pictures from inside.

On the 13th, which is a Saturday, the wedding will be held at 4:30 PM (that's Swedish time) at the Royal Chapel, the same place where Princess Madeleine was married in 2013. After the wedding, Prince Carl Philip and the newly-minted Princess Sofia will take a carriage ride through the streets of Stockholm. Dinner will be held in the Vita Havet (or White Sea Ballroom), part of the State Apartments at the Royal Palace, with dancing to follow in Karl XI's Gallery.

(The royal couple has scheduled their wedding conveniently during my upcoming trip to Ireland, so I'll probably be happily traipsing about the countryside during the festivities rather than blogging about them here on the day itself. But I will be covering the wedding, and hopefully we'll have lots of fun in the weeks and days beforehand talking about Swedish royal jewels galore!)