15 January 2015

Gala Jewels: Princess Michael of Kent (Part Two)

Here's Part Two of our look at Princess Michael of Kent's impressively glamorous evening jewels. Enjoy!

Charity gala performance, 1996

Viennese Ball, 1997

The Queen's Golden Wedding Ball, 1997

Raine Spencer's 70th birthday party, 1997

Greek royal wedding ball, 1999

Natural History Museum, 1999

The Sparks Charity Ball, 1999

Greek royal christening dinner, 2001

Dinner in honor of Valentino, 2001

Sparks Charity Dinner, 2002

Textile Museum Opening, 2003

Guildhall banquet, 2003

The Diamond Soiree Gala, 2004

Ball at Versailles, 2005

The Sparks Charity Ball, 2005

Guildhall banquet, 2006

Windsor Horse Show Dinner, 2006

The Queen's 80th birthday dinner, 2006

Cartier VIP Dinner, 2007

Lord Frederick's wedding, 2009

Vogue/Bulgari Charity Reception, 2009

King Constantine's 70th birthday party, 2010

Greek royal wedding, 2010

Prince William's pre-wedding reception, 2011

Monegasque princely wedding, 2011

Awards ceremony, 2013

The Collars and Coats Gala Ball, 2013