07 December 2014

Holiday Wishlists 2014: Walk on the Moon

Today's Holiday Wishlist features another independent jewelry maker, this time with some serious sparkle. Enjoy!

Holiday Wishlist: Walk on the Moon

Regina, the artist behind Walk on the Moon, is a jeweler based in Lowell, Massachusetts. She opened her Etsy shop in 2006, and for the past eight years she's been selling handmade jewelry and custom pieces. The shop is filled with bright, colorful, and fun crystal jewelry. Here are five of my favorite pieces from Walk on the Moon...

 I registered my love for druzy jewelry last week, and the Blue Druzy Stud Earrings are absolutely mouth-watering. They're like confetti and the night sky and fireworks all rolled into one. ($30.50)

If druzy's not your thing, may I humbly suggest the Orange Topaz Crystal Stud Earrings? You'll look like you filched them straight out of Queen Maxima's jewelry box. ($22)

I'm sort of fascinated by the Autumn Swarovski Crystal Bracelet, which features unusual chessboard-style crystals set in brass. I love pieces of jewelry that would literally coordinate with anything ($80.50)

The color of the crystal in the Mint Green Opal Crystal Necklace is just the perfect shade of iridescent seafoam green. It screams summer, but I'd wear it all year 'round. (about $24.50)

The Teal Green Crystal Drop Earrings are such a fun, colorful take on a classic jewelry shape and style. All the sophistication of a cushion-cut drop earring with an extra punch of color. Love it! ($20)

Which pieces from Walk on the Moon would you love to see under your tree?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for writing this post in any way, and Walk on the Moon did not sponsor it. The opinions expressed here are solely mine.