21 December 2014

Holiday Wishlists 2014: Boucheron

Holiday Wishlist: Boucheron

Founded in 1858, Boucheron has been providing jewels for queens, empresses, and princesses around the world for more than a century. From their famed headquarters in the Place Vendôme in Paris, the company has created jewels worn today by the likes of Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and the Duchess of Cornwall. They're still making new pieces today; here are five of my favorites from their current collections...

The immense quality of Boucheron's craftsmanship is apparent in the Delilah Necklace, which is made of gold pleated so carefully that it looks like fabric. The piece can also be worn as a hair ornament, and it's set with diamonds at each end. (Price on request)

The Eastern-inspired Cinna Pampilles Pendant Earrings are a delicate take on a traditional girandole. (Price on request)

Part flower, part lover's knot, the Pivoine Ring is all gorgeous. ($7,750)

The intricate, stylized Serpent Boheme Link Bracelet slithers around your wrist in a way that's less creepy and more elegant. (Price on request)

I'm trying to imagine what part of life wouldn't be more fun while wearing the diamond and sapphire Hera Peacock Ring, and I'm drawing a tidy blank. (Prince on request)

What baubles from Boucheron are you dreaming about today?

Disclaimer: I was not compensated for writing this post in any way, and Boucheron did not sponsor it. The opinions expressed here are solely mine.