19 November 2014

Monaco's National Day 2014

Monaco celebrated its 158th National Day today, and the Grimaldis were out in force, including a pregnant princess, two out of three Casiraghis, a gorgeous little blond grandson, and HATS. Enjoy!

The day began, as usual, with a mass celebrated in Monaco's cathedral. The service was attended by Prince Albert, Princess Caroline, and Princess Stephanie, plus the Duke and Duchess of Castro.

Albert and Caroline arriving at the cathedral

Stephanie arriving at the cathedral

The Duke and Duchess of Castro arriving at the cathedral

The Grimaldis leaving the cathedral after mass

After returning to the palace, the family attended the annual medal ceremony in the courtyard. Albert, Caroline, and Stephanie were joined by Caroline's younger daughter, Princess Alexandra of Hanover, as well as her sons. Andrea and Tatiana Casiraghi brought along their son, Sacha; it's rumored that a sibling for Sacha may be on the way

Princess Caroline, Sacha Casiraghi, Andrea Casiraghi, Tatiana Casiraghi, Pierre Casiraghi, and Princess Alexandra of Hanover

Stephanie, Caroline, and Sacha

Sacha Casiraghi holds his grandmother's and father's hands. Once a possible future sovereign prince of Monaco, the impending birth of Prince Albert and Princess Charlene's twins means that Sacha will probably never be the principality's ruler

Caroline and Sacha

The Grimaldis at the medal ceremony. Also present for the event: members of the family of the late Princess Antoinette, Prince Rainier's sister. Behind Princess Stephanie, wearing a green sweater, is Melanie de Massy, Antoinette's granddaughter; behind Princess Caroline, wearing a cream jacket and a black hat, is Elisabeth-Anne de Massy, Antoinette's daughter and Melanie's mother. The man partially visible behind baby Sacha is, I believe, Antoinette's son, Christian de Massy. I'm not sure about the woman in the cream-colored coat -- possibly Donatella, wife of Antoinette's grandson Keith?

The family gathered on the palace balcony to view the annual military parade -- this event gave us our only glimpse of Princess Charlene, who is expected to give birth to twins in just about a month. (Prince Albert revealed this week that Charlene's due date is around Christmas, though it's possible she may give birth earlier.)

Albert and Charlene kiss on the balcony

Caroline, Alexandra, Sacha, Andrea, and Stephanie

Pierre, Caroline, Melanie de Massy, Tatiana, and Sacha

Alexandra (wearing a rather regal dress)

Stephanie, Pierre, Caroline, Sacha, and Alexandra

Melanie de Massy, Elisabeth-Anne de Massy, Stephanie, Andrea, and Pierre

Andrea and Sacha


The traditional gala performance was held in the evening at the Grimaldi Forum. As expected, Charlene did not attend, so Princess Caroline subbed in for first lady duties. From left to right: Michel Roger (the State Minister), Albert, Caroline, Tatiana, and Andrea

The princely family's box: Pierre, unknown official, Caroline, Albert, Tatiana, and Andrea

Caroline accepting a bouquet


Tatiana and Andrea