31 March 2020

The Nightly Necklace: The Patiala Necklace

Wikimedia Commons

Maharaja Bhupinder Singh of Patiala wears the original Patiala Necklace in a formal portrait, ca. 1930s; learn more about the astonishing necklace, which was made by Cartier, later dismantled, and then recreated, over here!

The Daily Diadem: The Cambridge Sapphire Tiara

Bain Collection/Library of Congress/Wikimedia Commons

Queen Mary of the United Kingdom wears the original Cambridge Sapphire Tiara with jewels from the accompanying parure in a formal photographic portrait, ca. 1925; more on the set here!

Tiara Tournament: Vladimir vs Lover's Knot

Queen Mary's tiaras go head to head in this sparkling match-up...

30 March 2020

The Nightly Necklace: The Mackay Emerald Necklace

Wikimedia Commons

The Mackay Emerald Necklace, designed by Cartier and set with a whopping 167.97 carat Colombian Emerald, is displayed at the Smithsonian Institute's National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C.; the Art Deco necklace was made in 1931 as a wedding gift from Clarence Mackay to his second wife, Anna Case, a soprano who sang with the New York Metropolitan Opera