30 May 2017

A Queen Letizia Earring Update

Carlos Alvarez/Getty Images

Time for another survey of some of the earrings that Queen Letizia of Spain has been wearing recently! We've got quite the range here, from affordable pieces to precious gems, in a week's worth of jewelry.

29 May 2017

The Daily Diadem: The Delhi Durbar Tiara

Wellcome Images/Wikimedia Commons

Queen Mary of the United Kingdom wears the Delhi Durbar Tiara (set with the Cullinan III and IV diamonds) in a portrait taken by John Thomson, ca. 1912

The Top Ten: Queen Mary's Jewels

Wikimedia Commons

There are royal jewels, and then there are royal jewels from the collection of Mary of Teck. Queen Mary had a keen eye for brilliance when it came to augmenting and culling her jewelry collection, and the British royal vaults today are stocked with excellent pieces that came straight from her jewelry box. Here are ten of my favorite pieces from her collection. Be sure to share your own top ten list in the comments below!

28 May 2017

The Daily Diadem: Queen Mary's Laurel Leaf Bandeau

Queen Mary of the United Kingdom wears a bandeau set with four large diamonds interspersed with laurel leaf designs; the bandeau, which was made as a necklace, was her wedding gift from Hugh Grosvenor, 1st Duke of Westminster

Jewels in Motion: Sparkling Queen Mary

Queen Mary, photographed by Bassano (Wikimedia Commons)

Our celebrations of the 150th birthday of Mary of Teck continue today with a post that was really fun to put together -- a group of GIFs that show some of Mary's engagements, both daytime and evening, in motion. Enjoy!