21 May 2018

The Daily Diadem: Princess Claire's Wedding Tiara

Scott Barbour/Getty Images

Princess Claire of Belgium wears a small diamond tiara on her wedding day in Brussels, 12 April 2003; read more about the tiara over here!

Royal Jewel Rewind: Felipe and Letizia's Pre-Wedding Gala, Part 2 (2004)

Alberto Martin/POOL/Getty Images

Here's the second half of our flashback to the jewels worn at King Felipe and Queen Letizia's pre-wedding gala, held fourteen years ago today at the Royal Palace of El Pardo! (Head over here to catch up if you missed part one!)

Royal Jewel Rewind: Felipe and Letizia's Pre-Wedding Gala, Part 1 (2004)


We've been awash in British royal wedding bliss over the past few days, but today, we're hopping in our time machine and turning the clock back fourteen years, to survey the jewels worn at the gala held the night before King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain's royal wedding. Here's the first part of our royal jewel flashback -- stop back later today for part two!

20 May 2018

The Daily Diadem: The Mitsukoshi Emerald and Diamond Tiara

A diamond and emerald tiara is displayed at the flagship Mitsukoshi department store in Tokyo, 28 November 2006; the tiara, set with 19.65ct emeralds and 62.44ct diamonds, went on sale on 2 January 2007 for 50 million yen (which was around 420,000 USD)

The Dorset Bow Brooch

Queen Elizabeth II wears the Dorset Bow Brooch at the Royal Film Performance, 27 October 1952 (Reg Speller/Fox Photos/Getty Images)

It's difficult to think of a modern royal who has a collection of brooches as vast as the one that belongs to Queen Elizabeth II. While some see these small baubles as old-fashioned relics of the past, Elizabeth continues to wear brooches as a part of her daily uniform. She uses them to remember special occasions, to recognize history, and to acknowledge contributions. The brooches might not be very big, but they pack a major symbolic punch. Today's brooch, the Dorset Bow Brooch, is one that has been in HM's jewelry box for nearly seven decades.