23 April 2018

The Daily Diadem: The Ruby Olive Wreath Tiara

Grand Ladies Site

Queen Olga of the Hellenes wears her Ruby Olive Wreath Tiara with pearls and pieces from the accompanying ruby parure in this detail from a portrait by Laurits Tuxen, ca. 1914; read more about the tiara here!

Jewels of the Queen's Birthday Party


Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom turned 92 on Saturday, and the nation threw her an elaborate birthday party concert at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate. Here's a look at the jewels worn by her family for the big event.

22 April 2018

The Daily Diadem: The Mellerio Amethyst Comb


An amethyst and gold comb ornament, made in the 1830s, is displayed with pieces from its accompanying parure at Mellerio's Paris store, December 2012

The Flower Basket Brooch

John Stillwell/WPA Pool/Getty Images

Our celebration of Queen Elizabeth II's 92nd birthday rolls on today with a look at one of her most sentimental brooches: the sweet basket of gem-studded flowers that she's worn for seven decades.

21 April 2018

The Daily Diadem: Queen Margherita's Mellerio Floral Tiara

Wikimedia Commons

Queen Margherita of Italy wears her Mellerio diamond tiara with floral and wreath designs in a portrait; today, the tiara belongs to the Tokyo-based Albion Art Institute