16 October 2018

Diana's Butterflies for Meghan in Sydney


It's been a big week already for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex: they've kicked off their first royal tour and announced that they're expecting a baby next spring! And, perhaps most exciting of all, they've dug deep into the family jewelry vaults to bring out an heirloom surprise in Sydney.

15 October 2018

The Daily Diadem: The Ruby Dragonfly Tiara


Camilla of Bourbon-Two Sicilies wears the Ruby Dragonfly Tiara at the reception following the princely wedding in Monaco, July 2011; see another view of the tiara here!

Liechtenstein's Tiarapedia Has Landed!

Hereditary Princess Sophie wears the Habsburg Fringe Tiara in Amsterdam, April 2003 (Michel Porro/Getty Images)

Our Tiarapedia renovation process has arrived at one of the tiniest principalities in the world: Liechtenstein, a nation with only a few tiaras -- but they're good ones!

14 October 2018

The Daily Diadem: The Bavarian Lover's Knot Tiara

Princess Antonia of Luxembourg, the last Crown Princess of Bavaria, wears the Bavarian Lover's Knot Tiara in a portrait, ca. 1921; learn more about the tiara here!

The Courtauld Thomson Scallop-Shell Brooch

The Queen wears the brooch at the Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa, June 2010 (Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

You know you have a serious amount of charisma when multiple people who are not family members leave you glittering jewels in their wills. Such was the luck of the Queen Mum, who famously received the gigantic Greville jewel bequest from a family friend; even better, she also inherited today's piece, the Courtauld Thomson Scallop-Shell Brooch, from a loyal subject.