22 October 2018

Glittering Gala Jewels in Monte-Carlo


We were just chatting here recently about our desire for more glittering galas in Monaco, and on Friday, the Grimaldis delivered.

21 October 2018

The Daily Diadem: Queen Farida's Wedding Tiara

Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty Images

Queen Farida of Egypt wears her wedding tiara, with peacock and lotus designs, for an event, ca. 1940; see a larger view of the tiara over here!

The James Bow Brooch

Pool/Getty Images

We've talked a lot lately about the generous gifts of jewels that Brits made to the late Queen Mother. Today's brooch is another piece of that bejeweled category -- The James Bow Brooch, which was presented to Elizabeth by someone very close to her.

20 October 2018

The Daily Diadem: The Diamond Butterfly Tiara

Image licensed to The Court Jeweller; do not reproduce!

Hereditary Grand Duchess Stephanie of Luxembourg wears her tiara of diamond butterflies and its coordinating earrings at the National Day Gala, June 2016; the suite has been in Stephanie's collection since at least 2014

Empress Eugenie's Emerald Tiara

Empress Eugenie wears her emerald tiara, ca. 1865 (Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Last week, a royal Eugenie stunned us all by wearing long-lost emeralds from her grandmother's vault. Today, we've got a feature on another emerald tiara from a royal Eugenie -- Empress Eugenie's Emerald Tiara, which included gems that were passed from an empress to a queen.