10 December 2019

Nobel Jewels: Review and Predictions

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

One of the best tiara days of the year has finally arrived! This afternoon and evening, the Nobel Prizes will be awarded in Stockholm and Oslo. The Swedish celebration features the royal family dressed in grand gala jewels, photographed in wonderful detail. As we get ready for all the sparkle this evening, here's a look back at some of the recent jewels worn for the Swedish festivities.

09 December 2019

The Daily Diadem: The Connaught Diamond Tiara


Princess Christina, Mrs. Magnuson wears the Connaught Diamond Tiara at the Nobel Prize Banquet, December 2001; more on the tiara here!

The Best Royal Books of 2019

For our December book club post here at The Court Jeweller, I thought I'd highlight some of my very favorite royal books that were published (in the US) this year -- just in case you hadn't decided what to ask Santa to put under your tree just yet!

08 December 2019

The Daily Diadem: The Wolfers Tiara

Olivier Matthys/Getty Images

Queen Mathilde of the Belgians wears the Wolfers Tiara for a banquet during the Australian visit to Brussels, June 2018; more on the tiara here!

The Swedish Diamond Arrow Brooch

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images

The Bernadotte jewel collection is one of the most fantastic in all of Europe, with heirloom pieces dating back centuries. Today, we're looking at one of my favorites of their brooches: their lovely diamond arrow ornament.