25 October 2014

Saturday Sparkler: The Strathmore Rose Tiara

One of the more unusual floral tiaras in any royal collection, the Queen Mother’s Strathmore Rose Tiara is a piece that remains in the Windsor vaults but hasn’t been seen in public in years. Part of the reason for the tiara’s disappearing act may actually be connected not only with its large flowers but also with its early twentieth-century roots. (Ha!)

The tiara takes its name from the Queen Mother’s family — she was born Lady Elizabeth Bowes Lyon, daughter of the Earl of Strathmore and Kinghorne. When she married the Duke of York in 1923, she wasn’t yet destined to be queen, but her parents decided a new duchess needed a new tiara regardless. They gave her this floral piece, which was bought from Catchpole and Williams, a dealer based in London.

24 October 2014

This Week in Royal Jewels: October 17-23

October 17-23, 2014

State visits, awards ceremonies, and even LEGOs -- just your typical week in royal jewels. Enjoy!

10. While many of the royals were at the state banquet on Tuesday, the Duchess of Cornwall was busy supporting another family member, her son Tom, at the launch party for his new book. She wore her Van Cleef and Arpels dragonfly clips, one set with diamonds, the other with blue sapphires.

23 October 2014

State Visit Jewels: Guildhall Banquet

On Wednesday evening, the Duke and Duchess of Gloucester represented the royal family at the Guildhall banquet held for President Tan of Singapore.

Birgitte wore a number of her most glittering heirloom jewels for the occasion. Her tiara is the all-diamond version of Queen Mary's Honeysuckle Tiara, made in 1913 by E. Wolff and Co. for Garrard. (See much more about the tiara here.) The diamond earrings are the same pair that she often wears to white-tie occasions. Her diamond collet necklace was a wedding gift from Queen Mary to Princess Alice, the previous Duchess of Gloucester, in 1935.