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The Vladimir Tiara, currently owned by Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom (Photo: Peter Macdiarmid/Getty Images)

The Tiarapedia

Accept no substitutes -- the Tiarapedia, the original online encyclopedia of tiaras, is back!

Whether you're watching a parade of tiara-wearing women at a royal wedding, or scrutinizing sparklers worn at a state banquet, it can be extremely helpful to have a quick visual index of the tiaras worn regularly by the women of today's reigning royal families. Below, you'll find pages on each royal family's current tiara roster, including images, quick histories, and links to more information. 

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Photo: Mark Renders/Getty Images

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Denmark's Royal Tiaras (Main Line)
Denmark's Royal Tiaras (SWB Branch)
Denmark's Royal Tiaras (Greek Branch)
Denmark's Royal Tiaras (Rosenborg Branch)
Japan's Imperial Tiaras
Jordan's Royal Tiaras
Liechtenstein's Princely Tiaras
Luxembourg's Royal Tiaras
Monaco's Princely Tiaras
Morocco's Royal Tiaras
Netherlands's Royal Tiaras
Norway's Royal Tiaras
Spain's Royal Tiaras
Sweden's Royal Tiaras
Thailand's Royal Tiaras
United Kingdom's Royal Tiaras (Main Line)
United Kingdom's Royal Tiaras (Gloucester Branch)
United Kingdom's Royal Tiaras (Kent Branch)