Jewel History: Belgrade's Royal Wedding (1922)

Alexander I of Yugoslavia and Maria of Romania, ca. 1922 [1]
"Belgrade's Royal Wedding"
(originally appeared in the New York Times on 21 Mar 1922)

The wedding of King Alexander of Yugoslavia and Princess Marie of Romania will take place in the middle of July, according to information obtained today. The wedding was originally set for May, but May is popularly regarded in Serbia as an unlucky month; so the King, although he is not superstitious, was obliged to defer to the general idea.

The event was then fixed for June 4, but the Patriarch pointed out that this was a period of fasting for the Church. July then was finally agreed upon by the King and the family of the Princess [2].

The Yugoslavs are immensely pleased with the match, which is considered a step in the direction of peace in the Balkans. Work is being rushed on the new Royal Palace in Belgrade so as to have it in readiness to accommodate such of the European monarchs and other notables as attend the ceremony.

The royal couple will probably spend their honeymoon on the Dalmatian coast.

Note: the couple ended up actually getting married in June after all; the ceremony was held in Belgrade on June 8, 1922. The bride is pictured below with her bridesmaids:

Queen Maria of Yugoslavia on her wedding day in 1922 [3]

1. Cropped version of a photograph available via Wikimedia Commons; source here.
2. Princess Maria, known as "Mignon," was the daughter of King Ferdinand I of Romania and Princess Marie of Edinburgh (who was a granddaughter of Queen Victoria).
3. Cropped version of a photograph available via Wikimedia Commons; source here.