A list of publications featuring interviews with me and/or mentions of my blogs is below. Press inquiries should be directed to Please be aware that I am located in America, not Britain. I am unable to help with school projects, and for privacy reasons, I do not make television appearances.

Peter Conradi, The Great Survivors: How Monarchy Made It into the Twenty-First Century (2012)

Print and Online Media
"What to give the Queen for her 90th? A brooch, of course" (Maclean's, 21 Apr 2016)
"Your Weekly Tiara Treat: The Amazing History Behind Princess Diana's Favorite Sparkler -- Queen Mary's Lover's Knot" (, 11 Mar 2016)
"We may never be royals, but Ella Kay gives us a glimpse" (Texture, 13 Nov 2014)
"Bloggarna på internet som har koll på kungligt mode" (Svensk Damtidning, 27 Feb-5 Mar 2014)
"Kate Middleton, Exposed!" (Maclean's, 15 Feb 2014)
"Rocking the Tiara" (Maclean's, 24 Jul 2013)
"Why doesn't Kate recycle her clothes?" (Maclean's, 28 May 2012)
"Kate at 59 and other online royal rib-ticklers" (GMA News Online, 27 Apr 2011)
"Following the royals in an iPhone world" (CBC News, 18 Apr 2011)
"Belgium’s ‘mad hatter’ also milliner to queen of hearts" (Vancouver Sun/AFP, 14 Dec 2010)
"Hot flush over royals" (Johannesburg Times, 22 Nov 2010)
"What’s the Big Deal About a Royal Wedding, Anyway?" (E! Online, 17 Nov 2010)
"Kate Middleton’s Classic Style" (The Daily Beast, 16 Nov 2010)
"Prince William’s girlfriend, Kate Middleton, is a patient future princess"(New York Post, 23 May 2010)

Guest Posts and Interviews
"The Court Jeweller Shares Her Favorite Royal Tiaras" (The Duchess Diary, 15 Apr 2015)
"The History Behind the British Royal Collection’s Most Famous Jewelry" (The Duchess Diary, 10 Nov 2014)
"Royally Speaking with Ella of The Court Jeweller" (Luxarazzi, 26 Jul 2014)
"In which we have a special guest!" (, 9 Jan 2014)

Radio Appearances
BBC Radio 5 live Breakfast (17 Nov 2010)