The Tiarapedia: Jordan

Below is a list of the tiaras worn by the women of Jordan's royal family; it includes only the tiaras currently worn by the family, not historical tiaras or tiaras whose ownership is currently uncertain. Click on the title of the tiara to be taken to pages with fuller histories, large images, and much more information. Enjoy!

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The Arabic Scroll Tiara: An intricate, beautiful tiara of diamonds set in white gold, rising to a central point and featuring the prayer "Allah is Great" in Arabic script, with pear-shaped diamonds set at its peak and at the center of its base. Made in 2005 by Yan Sicard for FRED. Given to Queen Rania by King Abdullah II. Worn by Queen Rania.

JOHN THYS/AFP/Getty Images

The Boucheron Bracelet Tiara: A slim bracelet of diamonds culminating in scroll and drop designs, able to be placed on a frame and worn as a tiara. Made ca. 2008 by Boucheron. Worn by Queen Rania.

The Boucheron Emerald Ivy Tiara: A modern wreath-style tiara of ivy leaves and buds rendered in emeralds set in black gold. Designed by Solange Azagury-Partridge for Boucheron. Worn by Queen Rania, likely as a loan from the firm.

The Diamond Circles Tiara: A bandeau-style tiara of interlocking diamond circles. Worn by Princess Muna and Princess Basma.

The Diamond Necklace Tiara: A diamond floral necklace that can be placed on a frame and worn as a tiara, accompanied by coordinating jewels to form a suite. Worn by Princess Zeina and Princess Badiya (as a necklace).

The Diamond Ribbon and Scroll Tiara: An impressive tiara of diamonds featuring scroll and ribbon designs. Worn by Queen Zein, Princess Basma, and Farah Daghistani. Worn as a wedding tiara by Farah Daghistani (2004).

Princess Muna's Fringe Tiara: A delicate diamond tiara featuring slender fringes and spikes. Worn by Princess Muna.

Princess Muna's Pearl and Diamond Tiara: An elaborate, detailed tiara featuring large diamond and pearl deign motifs interspersed with smaller diamond and pearl sections. Worn by Princess Muna and Princess Zein.

Princess Rym's Tiara: A lovely, intricate tiara of diamonds set in yellow gold, rising to a peak at the center. Worn by Princess Rym.

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Princess Sarvath's Diamond Tiara: A bandeau-style tiara featuring large pear-shaped diamonds. From the collection of Princess Sarvath. Worn by Princess Sarvath and Princess Badiya. Worn as a wedding tiara by Princess Badiya (2005).

Princess Sarvath's Floral Tiara: A delicate floral tiara set with diamonds. From the collection of Princess Sarvath. Worn by Princess Sarvath and Princess Zeina. Worn as a wedding tiara by Princess Zeina (2011).


Queen Alia's Cartier Tiara: An abstract tiara of diamonds that forms a near circlet, like a halo, around the wearer's head, accompanied by a matching pair of earrings. Made by Cartier. From the collection of the late Queen Alia, and now owned by her daughter, Princess Haya. Worn by Queen Alia, Queen Rania, and Princess Haya.

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Queen Dina's Wedding Tiara: A tall diamond tiara featuring lily designs. Worn by Queen (now Princess) Dina. Worn as a wedding tiara by Princess Dina (1955).

Queen Noor's Diamond Tiara: A diamond fringe tiara, originally configured to rise to a central point, and then later reconfigured into a sunburst design. Worn by Queen Noor.

Queen Rania's Diamond Tiara: A diamond tiara with an exaggerated pointed base. Worn by Queen Rania.