The Tiarapedia: Belgium

Below is a list of the tiaras worn by the women of Belgium's royal family; it includes only the tiaras currently worn by the family, not historical tiaras or tiaras whose ownership is currently uncertain. Click on the title of the tiara to be taken to pages with fuller histories, large images, and much more information. Enjoy!

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The Brabant Laurel Wreath TiaraA diamond tiara in the shape of a wreath of laurel leaves and berries, able to be removed from its frame and worn as a necklace. Made in 1912 by Hennel and Sons. Given to Queen Mathilde as a wedding gift by a group of Belgian aristocrats. Worn by Queen Mathilde.

The Nine Provinces TiaraA diamond tiara in the art deco style, featuring a stylized meander base topped with a series of large round diamonds on spikes, set in pointed arches. Able to be taken apart and worn in a variety of configurations. Made in 1926 by Van Bever. Given to Queen Astrid as a wedding gift by the Belgian people. Worn by Queen Astrid, Princess Lilian, Queen Fabiola, Queen Paola, and Queen Mathilde. Worn as a wedding tiara by Queen Fabiola.

Princess Claire's Diamond TiaraA delicate tiara of diamonds, made of small diamond arches, larger diamonds set upright on spikes, and small diamonds set in a floral pattern near the base. Given as a wedding gift to Princess Claire by King Albert II and Queen Paola. Worn as a wedding tiara by Princess Claire.

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Princess Claire's Pearl and Diamond TiaraA small, architectural of diamonds featuring fleur-de-lis patterns against a set of vertical lines, topped by half-pearl buttons. Worn by Princess Claire.

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Queen Elisabeth's Art Deco BandeauA bandeau of alternating diamond lines and dots, bisected by a central leaf pattern. Probably made during the early 20th century and originally owned by Queen Elisabeth of Belgium. Given to Queen Paola by King Leopold III. Worn by Queen Elisabeth, Queen Astrid, Princess Lilian, Queen Paola, Queen Mathilde, Princess Astrid, and Princess Amedeo. Worn as a wedding tiara by Queen Mathilde and Princess Amedeo.

Queen Paola's Diamond Necklace Tiara: A delicate Y-shaped necklace featuring numerous diamond drops, able to be worn on a tiara frame. Worn by Queen Paola.

The Savoy-Aosta TiaraAn intricate diamond and platinum tiara with patterns of scrolls and leaves, the central section rising vertically from the base to a taller flourish of leaves, topped with round diamonds. Originally owned by Princess Anne, Duchess of Aosta, and possibly made for her in the 1920s. Likely owned today by Margherita of Austria-Este, although perhaps on semi-permanent loan to her daughter-in-law, Princess Astrid of Belgium. Worn by Princess Anne of Savoy, Duchess of Aosta; Princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy; Archduchess Margherita of Austria-Este; and Princess Astrid.

The Spanish Wedding Gift Tiara: A versatile diadem of diamond strawberry leaves with interchangeable center stones, able to be worn as a wreath tiara or on a coronet frame, or convertible for wear as a necklace. Given to Queen Fabiola as a wedding present by Francisco and Carmen Franco. Current ownership uncertain. Worn by Queen Fabiola.

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The Wolfers TiaraA necklace set with more than 200 diamonds, able to be worn as a tiara on a frame, featuring two rows of diamonds at the base with sprays of three pear-shaped diamonds as toppers. Made ca. 1960 by Wolfers. Given to Queen Fabiola as a wedding present on behalf of the diamond industry of Antwerp. Worn by Queen Fabiola and Queen Mathilde.