07 April 2021

95 Years, 95 Jewels: Part 19 (2010s-2020s)

Steve Reigate - WPA Pool/Getty Images

Our bejeweled celebration of the Queen's upcoming 95th birthday has arrived at its conclusion! Today, we're marveling at five of the newest pieces from the Queen's collection. The Queen made a rare public outing in the Australian Wattle Brooch recently (pictured above). Let's hope we get even more royal sparkle from HM on April 21!

Paul Faith - WPA Pool/Getty Images

The Queen debuted this new brooch during a 2014 visit to Northern Ireland. The brooch, which is shaped like snow drops, was designed by Bob and Lucy Price and manufactured by Bronte Porcelain.


This diamond daffodil-shaped brooch may have been another of the Queen's Diamond Jubilee gifts— the provenance, however, has never been made public. Daffodils are an important symbol of Wales, so it seems appropriate that she first wore the brooch in a portrait painted for the Welsh Rugby Union.

Julian Simmonds - WPA Pool / Getty Images

This modern jewel is a new addition to the Queen's collection. The white gold and diamond brooch, which is shaped like an iris, was designed by Kristjan Eyjolfsson, an Icelandic jewelry designer who works in the UK. The piece was commissioned specifically for the Queen by the Royal Horticultural Society as a Diamond Jubilee gift. She often wears it for the annual Chelsea Flower Show.

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

At Royal Ascot in 2014, the Queen debuted this charming brooch, which features two swans made of diamonds and pearls. The piece was made by Collins and Sons.

ADRIAN DENNIS/AFP via Getty Images

This snowflake-inspired brooch, made by Canadian firm Hillberg and Berk, is set with diamonds and rare sapphires from Baffin Island. Governor-General David Johnson presented the brooch to the Queen to mark her Sapphire Jubilee in 2017. The Queen has reached for the brooch often since she received it, wearing it for events like garden parties, church services, and even Royal Ascot.