03 April 2021

95 Years, 95 Jewels: Part 11 (March 1953)

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As our April birthday celebration for the Queen continues, we've got one more post today on the jewels that the Queen inherited from Queen Mary!

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This diamond and pearl brooch, originally designed as a pendant, was a wedding gift to Queen Mary from the Women of Hampshire, a committee headed up by the Dowager Duchess of Wellington. Queen Mary bequeathed it to the present Queen in 1953, and it pops up occasionally on HM for daytime engagements.

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This diamond and pearl brooch was given to Queen Mary as a wedding present in 1893 by the town of Richmond, where she spent much of her childhood. The brooch, made by Hunt and Roskell, can be worn with or without a pearl pendant drop. The Queen inherited it in 1953, and she's worn it occasionally in the decades since. Her most prominent recent appearance in the brooch was the wedding of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex in May 2018.

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This large ribbon brooch, which features a pear-shaped pearl pendant, was one of Queen Mary's wedding presents. It was made by Collingwood in 1893 and given to her by the people of Kensington the same year. Mary wore the diamond, pearl, silver, and gold brooch at her coronation in 1911, and she bequeathed it to her granddaughter in 1953. The Queen has worn it often throughout her reign, frequently pinning it to her sash during gala events.


54. Queen Mary's Diamond Floret Earrings

The large diamonds at the center of this pair of diamond floret earrings are the Mackinnon Diamonds, which were given to Mary in 1893 as a wedding present by Sir William Mackinnon. They were set in these diamond and platinum earrings by Garrard in 1939 and inherited by Queen Elizabeth II fourteen years later.


Queen Mary acquired two modern diamond and platinum bracelets from Garrard in 1932 and 1935. They feature identical chain-link patterns, and they can be joined together and worn as a choker necklace. Since they were inherited by the Queen in 1953, she's only ever worn them in bracelet form.

More of the Queen's jewels are coming up next!