09 March 2021

Floral Tiara Tournament: Danish Ruby vs Vine Leaves

It's time for our first floral wreath tiara match-up!

Chris Jackson/Getty Images, ANNE-CHRISTINE POUJOULAT/AFP via Getty Images

The Danish Ruby Parure Tiara vs. The Diamond Vine Leaves Tiara

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This tiara began its life as a series of hair combs, purchased by Jean-Baptiste Bernadotte for his wife, Desiree, to wear at Napoleon's coronation in 1804. When Bernadotte was elected King of Sweden, the rubies became royal jewels. The combs were made into a bandeau by Queen Alexandrine of Denmark, who had received them from her mother-in-law, Lovisa of Sweden. Queen Ingrid turned the bandeau into a grand wreath tiara, which is now worn by Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.


This lovely diamond tiara includes natural elements, like leaf and berry motifs, in its design. Made in the second half of the nineteenth century, it is now worn by the women of Luxembourg's grand ducal family. Five Nassau brides, including Princess Claire, have also chosen the romantic tiara as a bridal diadem.