03 January 2021

Diamond Tiara Tournament: Round Three Preview!

Get excited, tiara fans: we've reached the third round of our Diamonds Are Forever Tiara Tournament! Here's a preview of the match-ups we'll see over the next two weeks...

Clockwise from top left: ARTHUR EDWARDS/POOL/AFP via Getty Images, Patrick van Katwijk/Getty Images, Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images, JONATHAN BRADY/AFP via Getty Images

Our first contest of the round pairs up the "wall of diamonds," Queen Alexandra's Kokoshnik (1), with the elegant Belgian Scroll Tiara (4), the last Luxembourgish sparkler in the contest. Next up, Queen Mary's Diamond Bandeau (14), our contest Cinderella, keeps dancing against the Danish Floral Aigrette Tiara (2), the flexible ornament from Copenhagen.

KAZUHIRO NOGI/AFP via Getty Images, Dean Treml/Getty Images, PETER NICHOLLS/AFP via Getty Images, Chris Jackson/Getty Images

The top-ranked Meiji Tiara (1) has tackled all of its competition so far, and now it meets up with the Vladimir Tiara (5) in its all-diamond form. Next, the Queen Mother's beloved Greville Tiara (3) faces off against one of the grandest tiaras from the Dutch royal collection, the Stuart Tiara (2).

Sean Gallup/Getty Images, AFP via Getty Images, JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP via Getty Images, MAP/AFP via Getty Images 

This region of the bracket has been full of surprises in every round! The Brabant Laurel Wreath Tiara (8), which knocked off the top-ranked Braganza last round, meets up with the Japanese Crown Princely Tiara (4) this time around. Next, another Japanese sparkler, the Imperial Chrysanthemum Tiara (6), challenges the Connaught Diamond Tiara (7), the final Bernadotte tiara in the tournament.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images, MIGUEL RIOPA/AFP via Getty Images, Chris Jackson/Getty Images, Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

And finally, we've got one of the heavyweights, the Girls of Great Britain and Ireland Tiara (1) facing off against Queen Josefina's Diamond Tiara (4), Norway's last hope for tournament glory. In our final contest of the round, the Dutch underdog, Queen Emma's Diamond Tiara (6), will challenge a massive sparkler with a similar design, Queen Sophie's Diamond Tiara (2).

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Here's an updated bracket for our Sparkling Sixteen round! Which tiara match-ups are you looking forward to—or stockpiling chocolate in preparation for?

The first contest will be live early tomorrow! In the meantime, stay tuned for even more sparkle...