27 January 2021

Diamond Tiara Tournament: Brabant Laurel vs Imperial Chrysanthemum

Which floral sparkler will win this round of competition?

Sean Gallup/Getty Images, MAP/AFP via Getty Images

The Brabant Laurel Wreath Tiara vs. The Imperial Chrysanthemum Tiara

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

This antique diamond laurel wreath tiara, made in England in 1912, was given to Queen Mathilde of the Belgians by a group of aristocrats as a wedding present in 1999. She has worn the lovely convertible jewel often over the last two decades, both as a tiara and a necklace.

MAP/AFP via Getty Images

This all-diamond tiara features one of the most important symbols of the Japanese imperial family: the chrysanthemum flower. The piece was a favorite of Michiko's mother-in-law, Empress Nagako, who wore it on Akihito and Michiko's wedding day in 1959. Michiko has often chosen this piece for banquets. She also wore the tiara on the wedding day of her younger son, Crown Prince Fumihito, in 1990.