09 December 2020

Diamond Tiara Tournament: Vladimir vs Nine Provinces

Two grand tiaras with significant history are matched in this round!

Dean Treml/Getty Images, DPA Picture Alliance/Alamy

The Vladimir Tiara vs. The Nine Provinces Tiara

Dean Treml/Getty Images

Though this classic Romanov tiara is most recognizable with its pearl or emerald pendants, the sparkler can be worn in an all-diamond "widowed" version as well. Originally part of the collection of Grand Duchess Maria Pavlovna of Russia (wife of Grand Duke Vladimir), the tiara was smuggled out of the country during the revolution and later purchased by Queen Mary. The Queen, who inherited the tiara from Queen Mary in 1953, wears it in the all-diamond form on occasion.

DPA Picture Alliance/Alamy

The most important tiara in the Belgian royal collection, this sparkler features a meander bandeau topped with removable interlocking arches containing large round diamonds. The tiara was made by Van Bever in 1926 and offered to Queen Astrid as a wedding gift on behalf of the people of Belgium. It's been worn by the senior royal lady of the land ever since, and it is now part of the collection of Queen Mathilde.