25 November 2020

Diamond Tiara Tournament: Queen Emma vs Alexandrine Diamond Drop


Will it be Queen Emma's or Queen Alexandrine's diamonds?

Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images, Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Queen Emma's Diamond Tiara vs. The Alexandrine Diamond Drop Tiara

Hagen Hopkins/Getty Images

This diamond tiara, which features a trio of harp designs with large diamond rosette-style clusters in their centers, was made for Queen Emma of the Netherlands in 1890. She often topped the piece with diamond star ornaments. Today, the tiara is part of the Dutch royal jewelry foundation, and it's worn often by members of the family, including Princess Beatrix, Queen Maxima, and Princess Laurentien.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

This delicate diamond drop tiara originally belonged to Queen Alexandrine of Denmark. It was later given to Queen Margrethe II, her granddaughter, as an eighteenth-birthday present. She wore the tiara for years before passing it along to her daughter-in-law, Alexandra. Although Countess Alexandra is no longer a royal princess, she still retains the tiara -- and will likely earmark it for the use of her own daughters-in-law one day in the future.