17 November 2020

Diamond Tiara Tournament: Japanese Crown Princely vs Kinsky Honeysuckle


This contest pairs up balanced tiaras with intriguing designs!

AFP via Getty Images, DPA Picture Alliance/Alamy

The Japanese Crown Princely Tiara vs. The Kinsky Honeysuckle Tiara

AFP via Getty Images

Two Japanese crown princesses -- Empress Michiko and Empress Masako -- have worn this tiara on their wedding days. The impressive diamond scroll and ribbon tiara is part of a mirrored parure that includes a coordinating necklace. Today, the tiara is worn by Crown Princess Kiko.

DPA Picture Alliance/Alamy

This balanced tiara, made of honeysuckle motifs in diamonds, silver, and gold, dates to the nineteenth century. It was apparently a wedding gift to Princess Marie Josepha of Liechtenstein from her new husband, Prince Ferdinand Bonaventura, the 7th Prince Kinsky of Wchinitz and Tettau, in 1870. Today, it has returned to the main line of the princely family, and it's worn occasionally by Hereditary Princess Sophie.