26 August 2020

Scandi Sparkler Spectacular: Alexandrine Sapphire vs Antique Corsage

Diamonds and sapphires or diamonds and pearls?

Bruun Rasmussen, Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Queen Alexandrine's Sapphire Tiara vs. The Antique Corsage Tiara

Bruun Rasmussen

This diamond and sapphire tiara, which is generally attributed to Bolin, was given by Emperor Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra of Russia to an imperial cousin, Alexandrine of Mecklenburg-Schwerin, when she married another cousin, the future King Christian X of Denmark, in 1898. The piece was originally a convertible bandeau. In 1933, Queen Alexandrine gave the jewel to her daughter-in-law, Princess Caroline-Mathilde. From Caroline-Mathilde, the tiara passed to her son, Count Christian of Rosenborg. After the deaths of Christian and his wife, Countess Anne-Dorte, the tiara was sold. Delightfully, though, the new owner recently loaned the tiara to a new exhibition at the Amalienborg Museum.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark received this diamond and pearl tiara from her parents, King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid of Denmark, as an eighteenth-birthday gift. The tiara was made from a corsage ornament that had belonged to Queen Ingrid's grandmother, Queen Victoria of Sweden. Anne-Marie wore it for the farewell dinner given at Fredensborg Castle before her wedding to King Constantine II of Greece in September 1964, and she's worn it occasionally since then. It's more familiar, though, as the wedding tiara worn by her two daughters-in-law, Marie-Chantal and Tatiana.

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