13 July 2020

The Scandinavian Sparkler Spectacular!

KELD NAVNTOFT/AFP via Getty Images

I'm absolutely delighted to introduce you to...

The Scandinavian Sparkler Spectacular!

Sixty-four tiaras from Scandinavian royal collections will be showcased in this new competition! We've got tiaras from Denmark, Sweden, and Norway -- many of which share significant historical connections -- as well as sparklers from other branches of the family and those now in museums or private collections. It's going to be a grand way to spend the summer!

Chris Jackson/Getty Images, JONATHAN NACKSTRAND/AFP via Getty Images, MIGUEL RIOPA/AFP via Getty Images, Chris Jackson/Getty Images

Just like the previous tournaments, I've put together a bracket with rankings and match-ups for us to vote on over the next few weeks. Our top seeds are showcased above: we've got (clockwise from the top left) the Danish Ruby Parure Tiara (from the Denmark region), the Leuchtenberg Sapphire Parure Tiara (from the Sweden region), Queen Josefina's Diamond Tiara (from the Norway region), and the Khedive of Egypt Tiara (from our Wild Card region -- tiaras from minor branches of the family). We'll be kicking off the contests with tiaras from the Danish royal vaults this week!

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Here's our bracket for the Scandinavian Sparkler Spectacular! (You can click to enlarge the graphic above, or you can download a PDF version at this link.) Which tiaras are you excited to vote for in this brand-new tournament? And which one do you think will win???