19 July 2020

Scandi Sparkler Spectacular: Week One Results!

The results from our first week of tournament voting are in!

Chris Jackson/Getty Images, INTERFOTO/Alamy

No big surprise here: the Danish Ruby Parure Tiara took home the first win of the tournament with 90.09% of your votes, while the Golden Poppies brought in 9.91% of the vote.

Chris Jackson/Getty Images, Patrick van Katwijk/DPA Picture Alliance Archive/Alamy

Our second contest of the week was a bit closer! While Princess Thyra's Sapphire Tiara earned 37.31% of the vote, the Alexandrine Diamond Drop Tiara won the day with 62.69%.


In this floral battle, Princess Dagmar's Floral Tiara brought home a victory with 78.44% of the vote, while the Turquoise Daisy Bandeau was chosen by 21.56% of voters.

Albert Nieboer/DPA Picture Alliance Archive/Alamy, LUDOVIC MARIN/AFP via Getty Images

This one was a commanding victory for the heirloom! While the new Nuits Claires Tiara was favored by 26.17% of voters, the Danish Emerald Parure Tiara won with 73.83% of the vote.

KELD NAVNTOFT/AFP via Getty Images, Chris Jackson/WireImage

Two romantic tiaras faced off in this contest! The Baden Palmette Tiara claimed victory with 67.73% of the vote, while Crown Princess Mary's Wedding Tiara brought in a respectable 32.27%.

Pascal Le Segretain/Getty Images, Danny Martindale/Getty Images

Antique flowers or modern flowers? The modern Naasut Tiara was the favorite of 18.21% of you, but the Danish Floral Aigrette triumphed with a whopping 81.79% of the vote!

SISSE STROYER/AFP via Getty Images, KELD NAVNTOFT/AFP via Getty Images

Could Romanov provenance triumph over antique versatility? In the end, while the Alexandrine Fringe Tiara was selected by 25.62% of voters, Crown Princess Mary's Edwardian Tiara won the contest with 74.38% of your votes!

Chris Jackson/Getty Images, Patrick van Katwijk/DPA Picture Alliance Archive/Alamy

In our final contest of the week, the heirloom beat out the modern jewel! The Pearl Poire Tiara claimed victory with 68.62% of the vote, while 31.38% of you selected the Midnight Tiara.

We've got more Scandinavian sparklers coming your way tomorrow!